4 Things Companies Should Monitor More Closely

With all the rapid changes in the work environment, one can never be too cautious. That isn’t to say that businesses should change their models and operations hysterically; rather, they should pay attention to key factors and adjust their strategies for fast response.

For example, if your business doesn’t employ a hybrid work model, it stands to lose massively in the future. The number of remote workers is rising rapidly, with even traditional office employees considering the benefits.

Simply put, flexibility has gotten a whole new meaning, so start by reconsidering schedules, working hours, and work models.

There are six hybrid work models you should consider, as follows:

  • Almost entirely on premises – limited remote work, large office space the majority of managers and workers
  • Partially remote work, multiple hubs – multiple offices with the workforce dispersed among them
  • Partially remote work, with flexible office space – no permanent offices; rented flex space used for periodic collaboration (but not connectivity)
  • Partially remote work, large office space –  the majority of managers and workers spend most, but not all, of their time at the office
  • Almost entirely off premises – mostly remote work with no office space
  • Multiple microhubs – management and employees are dispersed across small microhubs located in different cities (or countries, depending on the scope of your business operations)

Next on, technology is dictating quite a number of rules these days, so staying on top of the developments is a must.

As for the specifics on what businesses should monitor more closely, we’ll provide our 4 top picks.

Let’s dive in!

Onboarding Practices

Onboarding is crucial for employee retention and their overall satisfaction, so why do so many businesses fail to provide proper, customized onboarding training?

Probably because it’s a hassle to think up different approaches and methods, but don’t skip this step!

Onboarding new employees is the first major step toward success in the long run. Add continued education to the mix, and you can be certain your business will remain popular among employees and applicants.

And there really isn’t a single reason why you shouldn’t use eLearning with its many possibilities to help your employees and your business grow seamlessly.

Employee Hours

After onboarding training, this sounds like a trifle, but it really isn’t. Ask any frontline workers about their experiences, and they’ll tell you that manual tasks are slowly but certainly pushing them towards other vocations.

Use that clocking in app, it’s not rocket science!

Follow up with other latest apps and tools for best results, including management apps.

Here are some recommendations for the latter:

  • IoT for asset management
  • Cloud-based software for remote work
  • Artificial intelligence for business automation
  • Inventory management software for supply chains

Data Security

Data security is extremely important, that much is clear. However, on the matter of what data security practices specifically portend, there’s much debate.

Different businesses use different software, but nevertheless, it goes without saying that you should use proper passwords and do technical audits on a regular basis.

business needs a stellar IT team to keep track of everything, as the environment is getting more demanding by the minute. Managers and even you can enroll in a technology management course to reduce the gap from technology advancement.

Next on, educate your employees. Freelancers may be tech-savvy but the same isn’t always true for office workers.

For the regular tools, you may create short and concise online courses.

Here are some ideas on the topics:

  • Email marketing
  • Optimizing your website to avoid joining a membership site (or you can do both)
  • Starting a blog to advertise your courses
  • Boosting your social media presence to advertise your course
  • Creating a sales pipeline to advertise your course
  • Making use of client testimonials
  • Making use of influencer reviews

Employee Satisfaction

Finally, to truly address retention rates to the best of your ability, you should pay close attention to employee satisfaction.

While there will always be some people who will eventually leave for one reason or another, you should focus on making your business the best workspace there is.

Employee engagement surveys are one good method to learn where your business can improve. Anonymous feedback is another efficient method.

Don’t skip the anonymity part!

After all, anonymity guarantees honesty as employees too often fear repercussions for negative feedback.

Key Takeaways

As you can see, there’s much to monitor to ensure your business is doing everything in its power to remain functional and efficient.

In addition to that, you should also strive to make it ideal for your employees to manage retention more effectively.

Finally, consider hybrid work models and make sure you’re offering the latest tech, but follow it up with proper training so that it’s not complicated for your employees to keep up.

And yes, don’t forget the importance of onboarding! It’s always a good idea to ensure new hires know what to expect ASAP.

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