6 Reasons to use integrated marketing

People live in a digital age, and it should be no surprise that most firms concentrate their marketing efforts online rather than using more conventional strategies. Online marketing has become a viral strategy for promoting brands and businesses since it provides a host of benefits for companies that are undeniably many.

While there are numerous advantages to employing digital marketing strategies like social media, businesses must also consider the value of physical marketing. Combining online and offline marketing tactics is the ideal marketing approach. According to research by Mckinsey, 56% of consumers utilize traditional offline and online marketing channels to buy products. So the reasons why brands should use a multi-channel marketing strategy are given below:-

  • Overpower your rivals

Your market reach increases when you run offline and online promotional activities. You’ll get the benefits of the best of both worlds to boost the exposure of your business while your competitors are busy focusing on the only digital domain. By ensuring that your website and marketing initiatives have the same look or that your internet newsletter and Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) have the same design aesthetic as your marketing brochures, you may further improve brand awareness among clients and potential clients.

  • Brand awareness

Marketing aims to make your product and service visible to a larger audience. While internet marketing may help you connect with a large audience, pairing it with offline marketing might help you connect with those not being reached by online marketing. Keep in mind that exposure is crucial for both sales and marketing. It lets you cast a larger net and capture the client’s attention.

  • Increase your credibility

Marketing professionals may solve this difficulty by combining physical and internet marketing. The mixture of your offline and online marketing is improving your visibility and credibility; if a buyer learns about your business offline and then researches it online and discovers a plethora of information, excellent website, outstanding online reviews, etc.

  • Consistent branding

Using consistent branding to build more integrated marketing campaigns is one of the most crucial aspects of closing the gap between offline and online marketing. Businesses must consistently apply the same design, colors, font, logo, and styles across all online and offline marketing channels.

  • More effective strategy

Every external visual communication must adhere to your brand’s primary message and aesthetic to further your online and offline strategies. Combining the two media would strengthen your brand and enable you to run concurrent marketing initiatives. Making them ultimately more efficient.

  • Create a unique image of your brand

You may get the desired results by combining non-digital and digital marketing channels to offer your brand a distinctive identity. But you must make sure that the two strategies are consistent with one another while you accomplish that.

Although offline and internet marketing have advantages, the best and most effective marketers are figuring out how to combine the two. So using integrated online and offline marketing methods is the best way for a brand to expand its visibility among its customers. A successful combination of both will result in a more engaging customer experience, sales, and leads.

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