A guide to temporary fencing

What is temporary fencing?

It is fencing that is used to secure an area and can also be known as mobile fencing and it provides more flexible fencing options for people. Metal fencing provides the best security of an area, you can have different types of metal fencing either temporary or permanent, the way to tell the difference is that permanent fencing is much more robust and harder to move once it is placed. Temporary fencing is the perfect fencing if you feel like you’re probably going to move your fencing after putting it in. Temporary fencing is also quite durable and lasts several years and can be easily replaced if any damage is done.

What is temporary fencing used for?

Construction sites are the main users of temporary fencing as they can be quite dangerous to locals and so a fence is needed to be put up whilst the work is being done and can be taken back down once the work is done. This is most commonly in the form of bright orange mesh surrounding the site, held up by metal prongs. Events held outdoors also use temporary fencing in order to ensure privacy of the event and prevent anyone else getting into the event who hasn’t paid. Temporary fences are used at festivals in order to maintain crowd control, keeping them away from the stage and performers safe. Another temporary fence we forget about is baby gates, made so you can keep a close eye on your little one without having to be by their side for twenty four hours as the gate prevents them from leaving a room, crawling up the stairs and most importantly causing a danger to themselves. The great thing about these baby gates is that they can be moved whenever you want to, or wherever your baby moves to. Pet fences are temporary fences that are used to contain pets, they can come in all shapes and sizes from squares to circles keeping them in a small area of your house or garden. These are mainly used for puppies who are very excitable and need to be contained in an area of the house to avoid them running all over and causing a great mess.

The different types of temporary fencing?

One type of temporary fencing is a picket fence which surrounds a home and keeps children and pets from getting out of the home and stops intruders from coming in. A bike rack barricade is also quite a common type of temporary fencing which is used at marathons or concerts and stops people from getting onto the track or stage and keeps the crowd calm and maintained. A chain link fence is a sturdy fence commonly used at big events like s funfair and creates a barrier around the ride for safety precautions. These have a strong feel but are also extremely light and so can be moved whenever and wherever. If in need, Lakeside Hire offers a lot of temporary fencings to buy.

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