Airbnb Guest Review Examples for Every Host (Good & Bad)

When visitors check out an Airbnb vacation rental, they leave a review for the owner and the property. Similarly, when the visitor has gone, the host reviews them.

Numerous hospitality establishments fall below their competitors simply because they lack reviews. With more guests than ever doing research and reading reviews of accommodations before booking, vacation rental owners cannot afford to lose out on this opportunity.

We’re going to look at why guest reviews on Airbnb are crucial, how to write them, and what to do if you manage your vacation rental remotely in this post. Additionally, we’ll share a couple of Airbnb guest review examples.

Why is it essential to read Airbnb reviews?

Because reviews and ratings heavily influence Airbnb reservations, it is critical to provide a guest review. Bear in mind that both guests and hosts must post reviews for any to appear.

These evaluations will assist you and other Hosts in evaluating prospective guests more accurately and result in more traffic in the long term. Consider the following reasons why you should spend time writing a review for a guest:

Increase the number of reservations

You’ve got an excellent vacation rental; aside from the images and listing description, how can you effectively market it and boost bookings? Authentic testimonials from people who’ve stayed there!

By providing a review for each visitor, you will get additional reviews in return! Not only will posting guest reviews earn prospective bookers’ confidence, but it will also increase your visibility. Your name and profile will display more often on the site, which will increase the number of individuals who may locate your property. In general, this will improve your bookings and help you establish a stronger profile and reputation as a host.

Assist other hosts

Leaving guest reviews is critical for the overall success of the Airbnb host community. It allows you and other hosts to peruse the guest’s profile and learn about their personality. Thus, once a visitor requests your rental on Airbnb, you may examine how that guest behaved in previous rentals. For instance, if you notice a nasty review posted by a prior host, you’ll know immediately that you should decline that visitor.

How to create an Airbnb review for a guest

A positive guest review is critical to the success of your company. It demonstrates your professionalism to visitors and other hosts.

1. The ideal policy is one of openness. 

Nonetheless, some hosts get disoriented throughout the procedure. Consider the real visitor and their stay at your holiday rental, taking into consideration the following:

As a host, it is your responsibility to ensure that you provide an accurate and honest review for people who stay with you. If you had an unpleasant encounter with a visitor, your review should reflect this truthfully. After all, prospective hosts will read this and want to prevent unsatisfactory visitors. You wouldn’t want them to experience what you did.

2. Would you be willing to host them again?

Would you allow people to remain in your rental in the future if they contacted you? If so, provide that information in your review. Are you confident in referring this visitor to other hosts?

If you like to have them return as guests, let them know! If you believe it will have a future effect on your company, kindly inform them that they will not be returning to your facility.

3. Was the location in a livable condition when they left?

How was the location when they departed from your property? If they leave it in poor shape, make a point of mentioning it! Likewise, did they violate any house rules? For example, no smoking, no parties, and no more visitors.

4. Did everything go according to plan?

From the time they booked or enquired until the time they checked out. How was your pre-check-in communication with them? Did they check out at the scheduled time? Or were they just tardy? Did they encounter any difficulties throughout their stay?

5. Rate them on a five-star scale

While you’re writing about them, you can also give them a star rating to indicate how fantastic (or not so great) they were during their time with you. In some circumstances, it draws more people’s attention than the content of your review.

Guidelines for Airbnb guest reviews

Airbnb has made it simple to write a guest review, and as a host, there are just a few requirements to follow:

  • You have 14 days from the date of their checkout to submit an Airbnb guest review. Remember to complete this immediately after your visitors check out and submit it on time.
  • Be truthful and objective in your remarks. Bear in mind that they will be visible to other hosts.
  • Outline the major elements (both good and negative) that you believe are necessary to emphasize for other owners.
  • You may amend your review within 48 hours after submission or until the guests have submitted theirs.

Examples of good Airbnb guest reviews

Have you had a positive encounter with a visitor and are ready to share it? Make this clear in your guest review! If you’re unsure where to begin or what to say, we can help. The following are just a few Airbnb guest review examples:

  1. (insert guest’s name) was a delight to host! They cleaned up after themselves and kept a low profile throughout the weekend. We had excellent communication, and I look forward to hosting them again!
  2. I enjoyed having (guest name) since they could respect the property, have a good time, and appreciate the environment. They were fantastic with renting the venue, and I want to host them again in the future.
  3. (Guest name) adhered to all of my home rules and was permitted to come and go freely. I liked having them there since they were calm and courteous. I have no hesitation in recommending them to others!\

How to write a bad Airbnb guest review

While establishing sound vacation rental house regulations can assist ensure that your visitors respect your property, nothing is guaranteed. Not every stay will be perfect, and you must communicate your candid thoughts. If you’re posting a poor guest review on Airbnb, you must be clear about why; thus, use these examples as a guide, but tailor it to your situation.

  1. I would advise against entertaining this visitor. The visitor smashed the locks on the house’s off-limit storage section, even though the welcome book indicated specifically that the storage room was not for guest use.
  2. Although our check-out time is 11 a.m., visitors choose to remain till 3 p.m. When they eventually checked out, the home was in disarray, forcing us to reschedule our next appointment. I would not suggest these visitors since they may affect your subsequent bookings, as they did on ours.
  3. Guests violated our Airbnb guidelines by hosting a home party and inviting five extra guests to stay. When we charged the visitor for extra cleaning, the guest wrote a one-star rating. Do not entertain this visitor.

It’s critical to be direct and concise. This is not the time for a personal attack, nor should it seem ill-intentioned, since this will reflect poorly on you as a host. Clearly and succinctly state why you would not suggest this visitor. Taking Reviews seriously will not on help you to achieve more interest in your vacation rental but it will also help you in delivering the best possible experience for your guests.

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