Basic And Essential Driving Rules for Visitors Renting Cars in Dubai

The rules and potential issues must be understood by anybody who wants to rent a car in Dubai, whether they are residents or just visiting the city. This knowledge will save them from losing their lives, cars, and fines. You may avoid problems on the road by following specified rules and regulations.

You must be aware of these driving rules if you plan to get a car to rental in Dubai:

Awareness Of Speed Limits: 

Over speeding puts you and anybody surrounding you in danger and has the potential to be disastrous. Remember the 60 mph limit and follow it. And always keep it in mind, no matter how it changes based on the pathway. In addition to 12 black points and car confiscation, a fine of up to 3,000 AED may be issued for exceeding the speed limit.

The Parking Restrictions And Rules: 

Parking regulations and rules in the United Arab Emirates are quite strict. You must be cautious and aware of no-parking zones when parking your car. You risk being fined up to 1000 AED if you park in a no-parking area when there are only a few lanes left for ambulances and individuals with disabilities. In addition to this, you will receive 6 black points.

Avoid Using A Mobile Device While Driving: 

Using a mobile device while driving can result in serious accidents that put everyone’s life in danger. You will get four black points and a 200 AED fine for using your phone while driving.

Be Cautious Of Red Light Violations Of The Law:

Traffic lights promote a safe driving environment. Ignoring traffic signals can lead to road accidents and traffic congestion. These guidelines should never be violated. Red light violations are charged a 1000 AED fine, car impoundment, and the accumulation of twelve black points.

Throwing Trash And Garbage On Roads Can Get You In Trouble:

Throwing garbage on the road is both unethical and illegal. Trash and garbage generate pollution and are harmful to the environment. If found to be guilty, passengers and pedestrians may also face fines. And they will be issued a maximum punishment of 500 AED and four black points. Even spitting on the road is deemed a violation of the regulations.

Avoid Driving After Getting drunk:

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is dangerous and can cause issues for other drivers following the rules of the road. It may harm your life as well as the lives of other drivers. If you are found guilty, you may risk license suspension, a judicial fine (up to 25,000 AED), and 24 black points.

Maintain A Valid Driver’s License: 

Always have your driver’s license and international driving permit on you. You might be fined AED 50,000 and imprisoned for three months if you need legal documentation.

Wearing A Seatbelt Is Necessary: 

It is against the rule in Dubai not to wear a seatbelt while in a moving car. The punishment for not wearing a seatbelt while driving is up to 400 AED, and the fine increases to 800 AED if the same mistake happens again within 6 months. The fine may also vary depending on the driving rules of particular emirates in the UAE. Furthermore, not wearing a seatbelt is regarded as a black point on the driver’s license, which could also accumulate over time and lead to license suspension.

Follow The Correct Lane To Avoid Congestion On The Road: 

Driving in the correct lane in Dubai is necessary to maintain safety and a smooth traffic flow. Remember to use your signal lights when changing lanes, stay in your allotted lane, and only utilize the left lane for passing.

When entering and leaving a highway, drivers should utilize the proper lanes and follow the lane markings. Always follow traffic signals and signs as you approach exits and merge lanes. Failure to maintain correct lane discipline can frustrate and irritate other drivers, which raises the possibility of accidents.

Driving On The Hard Shoulder:

Do not overtake from the hard shoulder. You could be charged with a fine of AED 1,000 if caught overtaking from there.

Wrap Up

Driving is necessary, but you should always drive carefully wherever you go. You must follow the regulations to protect your loved ones, other drivers, and yourself. These heavy fines and legal expenses are not meant to overburden people but to develop their vigilance and responsibility. Most classic car rental Dubai agencies, such as One Click Drive, offer certified and trustworthy vehicles, so if you’ve researched driving necessities, regulations, and fines and are prepared to hire a car in Dubai, you can rely on them.

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