Benefits of Carrying an Automatic Knife While Hiking in the Wilderness

There are many things you can do in order to prepare for the outdoors. However, all that preparation and gear is meaningless without a good knife. There is a reason why most professional hiking enthusiasts and explorers value the knife over any other tool. There is simply no challenge that can’t be solved using a good quality knife. Now, it is important to understand that not just any knife will do it. Each knife will vary according to the length of the blade, the type of the handle, and the materials used to craft it. The most well-known type of blade is the automatic knife which is really handy when hiking in the wilderness. Let’s see some of the most prominent benefits of carrying this compact knife on a hike.

Food preparation

While on a hike in the woods you will without a doubt find yourself in a situation where you have to prepare food. Unfortunately, you cannot carry all of your favorite utensils and cutlery since your storage space is quite limited. However, a good knife allows you to be creative and solve any and all of your culinary challenges outdoors. On the other hand, you might be put off by the idea of carrying a huge machete-like blade. This is quite heavy and not very delicate for preparing food. A high-quality OTF knife would be ideal since its small form factor allows you to carry it anywhere hassle-free. This blade is also quite sharp yet delicate and it allows you to cut some of the finest pieces of meat. In addition, almost any camper knows how valuable canned food items are, a sharp automatic blade will allow you to cut through tins of food and various drinks in no time.

Easier woodworking

When you are out hiking for extended periods of time it is a good idea to set up a camp. This means that you will need to incorporate some woodworking such as when trying to fortify your tent or building a simple wooden tool or a fireplace. Most people also like to build whittling sticks which are used to walk long distances as they help you move easier. However, in order to create a perfect whittling stick you will need to be precise and this is where a reliable automatic knife can greatly help you. You can achieve some of the most precise cuts using this blade. Now you will be able to create almost anything unique out of wood to serve as a token of your many memorable hikes.

Protect yourself

Rarely is there an ideal scenario while outdoors. On one hand this is scary, but on the other it is exactly that which makes hikes so memorable. No matter how you reflect on these experiences, it is always a good idea to come prepared in case of danger. There are many wild animal encounters which are usually difficult to predict. When encountering a wild animal there is very little that you can use as a weapon. However, if you have an automatic knife on you, then you needn’t worry. In most cases the knife alone will make you seem like enough of a threat so the animals will leave you alone. In addition, sometimes the danger comes in the form of nature itself where you could find yourself trapped in dangerous places and you need a knife to free yourself. A good knife will also allow you to extract valuable food from risky sources such as burnt branches or a poisonous environment.

Start fires easier

No one has ever returned from a hike or a camping trip without lighting even a single campfire. In case you find yourself in a situation where you do not have standard utilities for starting fires, a knife can get you really far. You will be able to chop up tiny pieces of wood and start a fire using a ferro rod. This is a great way to reliably start a fire even in the most unfavorable scenarios.

Medical emergencies

In case you find yourself in need of medical attention and there is no one there to help you, you can use a knife to your aid. For instance, you might need to access a wound but it’s covered by clothes, you will need a precise blade in this scenario to carefully remove the cloth and disinfect the wound.

Spending time in the wilderness is really exciting. However, it comes with a heap of challenges which will require you to use the most valuable tool out there, a good knife. This will allow you to prepare food easily, create things out of wood, protect yourself, make fires instantly, as well as handle any medical emergencies.


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