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Python is a programming language that one can learn easily. It is built for desktop applications, data analysis, task automation, data visualisation, machine learning, and web development. But, first, one needs to understand the basic data structures and algorithms in python.


  • This language is easy to grasp. The arrangement of the codes is also easy to read.
  • Python supports the development of data science, web applications, and application development.
  • Python is a programming language that enables one to write programs in fewer code lines than other programming languages.
  • Python is a famous programming language with increasing demand.
  • These programs do not cost large amounts and can be carried from one place to another.
  • Python is also used commercially.


  • Some previous experience in writing codes can help to fasten the learning process.
  • The learning process will get faster as per the organisation of the courses.
  • The level of commitment one has towards learning python. One should practice it every day to be the expert and grasp it within less time.


  • There are courses for learning python available on Coursera. One such is ‘python for everybody specialisation’, offered by the University of Michigan and consists of all the concepts like database, data structures, and network application interfaces. A certificate is also given for completing the course. It supports subtitles in various languages like French, English, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Portuguese. It takes approximately eight months to complete this course, which means three hours per week. 
  • ‘Learn advanced python programming is available on Udemy. The cost of which is around 3499 rupees. It also provides a certificate at the end of completion and lifespan access. This course will help you to increase your knowledge professionally and also knowledge of developing games. All advanced concepts are taught in this course, which will help you obtain the best job with good earnings. 
  • ‘Learn Python programming masterclass’ by Udemy will help you learn the language from experienced web developers. The charges for this course are 3499 rupees which are accessible on cell phones and television. You will understand how to create your programs in python. It is accessible in Linux, windows, and mac.
  • Intellipaat offers a ‘python certification course’. Enrolling in this course will guide you in obtaining skills to write python language. And even the way to write codes for vast systems like Spark as well as Hadoop. Once you get the certificate on completion of the course, you can work on real leading projects. All the concepts of python are covered in this course, be it advanced or basic. As MapReduce, deep learning, Hadoop streaming, and machine learning. 


So, you can learn the language of python with the help of the internet and by availing of any advanced python courses. One should have mathematical skills and should have completed a school education of 10+2. The basic standard of the python language is learned in two or six months. But in the end, it depends on the time you invest in learning it.

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