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Bhojpuri movies are in trend these days. Do you have an interest in watching Bhojpuri movies? Or are you on the verge of listening to the Bhojpuri audio songs? Bhojpuri movies have an incredible storyline. People enjoy watching these movies. The movies end with a great lesson that helps people learn something good.

Also, in a world full of entertainment, Bhojpuri movies have an excellent storyline. Besides, people from all over the globe admire watching these movies. In addition, biharmasti does not only let you watch your desired movies, but you can also download them and watch them anytime you want.

Biharmasti requires the use of a VPN to download your favorite movies. Moreover, the website is relatively straightforward to use. Since the website is inaccessible in some countries, it can be accessed through a VPN.

About biharmasti

Biharmasti is an entertainment website that allows users to watch Bhojpuri movies. In addition, there are not only Bhojpuri movies, but there are Bhojpuri songs, too, whose audio and mp3 versions you can download. Besides, whether it be an old Bhojpuri movie or the latest one, you will find all the movies and songs on the website.

About biharmasti
About biharmasti

Even better, the website is simple to use, and one can easily find the movies by searching its name in the search bar.

Also, accessing Bhojpuri movies has become relatively easy as you can also use your smartphone and watch your favorite movie from the comfort of your couch.

Even better, biharmasti lets you explore all sorts of Bhojpuri Movie Mp3 Songs, Navratri Mp3 Songs, Bhojpuri Full Movies, Bhojpuri Movie Video Songs, Bhojpuri New Mp3 Songs, Bhojpuri Holi, and Bhojpuri Album Mp3 Songs.

Latest Bhojpuri movies

The latest Bhojpuri movies and songs keep on adding to the website. You, being a fan of Bhojpuri movies, will not miss any of the upcoming movies. However, biharmasti lets you enjoy every bit of your favorite movie.

There are thousands of movies that you can enjoy sitting in the comfort of your house. You only need to search for the particular movie you want to watch and enjoy.

Not only biharmasti lets you enjoy the latest movies, but you can watch old movies too. You can even download them to watch them anytime you want.

Additionally, all the recent songs are also uploaded on the website. One can not only listen to those songs but also make a playlist of them and listen to them while working or doing any other house chore.

How to download content from biharmasti?

You can download all sorts of content from biharmasti, but before you do that, you will need a VPN to download your favorite movies smoothly. In addition, the website is banned in some countries. However, you must install a VPN, which will ease your pain.

Now let’s have a look at how to download movies from

  • Open your browser and search for biharmasti
  • The website will be opened on your screen
  • There are numerous categories from which you can select the one that you like the most
  • Once you choose your favorite movie, there will be a download button
  • Click on the download button
  • Once you click the download button, multiple links will appear; you can check them one by one and choose a link that satisfies you the most

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Download Bhojpuri songs from

Biharmastin lets you download your favorite songs, no matter who the singer is. You can even search for the songs by the name of the singer. Here we will discuss some steps to download Bhojpuri songs from

  • To download songs from, you will have to open the official website on your browser
  • Once the homepage appears, look for the songs you want to download from the search bar menu
  • You can even write the name of the singer to find the songs
  • The song will appear with all the necessary details related to it
  • There will be a download button below the song, which you can press to download the song on your device
  • Once the song is downloaded, you can listen to it anytime


1. Is biharmasti a legal website?

Biharmasti is an illegal, pirated website. No doubt it has numerous Bhojpuri movies, songs and series uploaded, but downloading any content from the website is unethical and may cause trouble. If you use a website to either watch or download the content available, you will commit a crime. When you use such websites, you might risk your privacy. Invading privacy means all your information may be leaked. So it is always safer than sorry. So, we always recommend that users avoid downloading content from pirated sites and take advantage of legal ways to download Bhojpuri content.

2. How does biharmasti earn money?

It has become relatively easy for the website to earn money. It is because it has significant traffic from different countries. People are looking for Bhojpuri content for free which the website ensures on all grounds. Hence this creates a chance for biharmasti to earn significant revenue.

3. What are the best legal alternatives for Bhojpuri movies?

Undoubtedly many illegal websites help you see Bhojpuri content, but there are legal sources too that assure you the same content. Also, you will face no obstacles while watching or downloading content from legal sites. So, always opt for a legal alternative rather than an illegal one to avoid inconveniences.


Bhojpuri movies are in greater demand. Moreover, people from different continents are looking for Bhojpuri content. Also, people not only want to watch it online but also want to download the content from the website so they can watch it when they are traveling or when feeling idle.

Even more, the website does not cost you anything nor any subscription fee like other websites. You can enjoy a lot of Bhojpuri content for free.

Also, there is a separate download guide given for mp3 songs and movies. You can read and download them as per the given instructions.

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