CBD: A Natural Alternative to Apoquel

Seeing your pet frequently suffering from allergy issues can be challenging as a dog owner. Itching, chronic allergy dermatitis, and other related allergies can be detrimental if not treated correctly.

A typical solution for this hitch that most people opt for is Apoquel. However, it may not be the best remedy as the side effects it causes are threatening and distressing. In the worst cases, your canine may get nauseous and diarrhea. Or, even worse, they can get bacterial and fungal infections.

Many dog parents are looking for Apoquel alternatives to medicate allergies in their dogs. Apoquel undoubtedly proves to be effective for treating allergies in your dog. But the treatment comes with a high cost to your companion’s health and pocket.

CBD An Alternative

CBD is a natural composite found in Cannabis sativa hemp extract that regulates the body’s homeostasis. Cannabinoid receptors are spread throughout the organs of your dog, which play a significant role in the dog’s immune response. When CBD interacts with these receptors, it allows cells in the immune system to communicate with each other more effectively. It helps to moderate and target responses to allergies.

How Does It Work?

Most allergies are caused due to inflammation. Allergic inflammation is similar to inflammation triggered by immune responses from infections or bug bites. Allergic ailments cause the immune system to react to trivial and benign particles inside the body.

When the body spots an intruder like an allergen, the immune system inflames the intruded area, increasing blood flow and sending resistant compounds to that particular region. Consequently, the area swells and turns red. The reddish-hot swelling can be mild or severe, depending upon the extremity of the allergy.

CBD has been proved to be quite effective in reducing inflammation and providing relief. It communes with the cannabinoid receptors that are present inside the endocannabinoid system, regulating the hyperreactive immune cells to calm down. It also helps the body maintain its homeostasis when affected due to infections.

CBD For Allergies

CBD is primarily used to strengthen the immune system and alleviate discomforts caused due to allergies in your canine. Studies also suggest that it can unnecessarily prevent the immune system from inducing inflammation.

Given below are some benefits of CBD, one of the Apoquel alternatives, for treating your allergic dogs:

  • Helps To Reduce Inflammation

CBD has been studied extensively, and studies found that it can significantly reduce inflammation in the body that may be caused by a reaction to the intrusion of pollens, fungi, or dust mites. It relieves your dog from all the pain and soreness. One of the recent studies found that CBD reduces skin itchiness effectively and slowly heals the affected area.

  • Mollifies Pain

Soreness and swelling of the skin are some of the symptoms of allergies. It can cause extreme distress and perturbation. As CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties, it naturally helps to soothe the pain.

  • Provides Relief

CBD helps to ease out the pain in your dog’s body and provides instant relief. It works by numbing the pain caused due to allergies.

How To Give CBD To Your Dog?

CBD is naturally bland. Hence, you can easily hide it in your dog’s pedigree. To enhance its taste, it is added to flavored foods. Your doggy would never know you slipped some medicinal drug into his food.


Apoquel does work wonders for your dog and relieves allergic symptoms. But its continuous use poses a threat to your canine. It is likely to cause side effects like diarrhea and infections. Therefore, try to find an alternative if it doesn’t suit your dog.

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