HDFC Mini Statements – All You Must Know About It

HDFC bank offers its bank customers all banking services 24X7. With the assistance of digital banking, all HDFC customers can easily access their savings or current account from the comfort of their homes, which saves massive time. Account holders can get the services such as mini statements, balance enquiries, fund transfers and others at a go. Customers can also simply generate HDFC mini statements and bank account statements using SMS banking, missed call facility, HDFC net banking or mobile banking facility offered by the bank. Through the HDFC bank balance check number, you can directly get in contact with HDFC customer care and clear all your doubts linked to your HDFC bank balance.

HDFC mini statement – What is it?

HDFC bank mini statement is a kind of service offered by the bank through which you can check your past 3 credits or debits made to your account. You can get the HDFC mini statement using the following –

Mobile banking

SMS banking

Toll-free number

However, before getting the HDFC mini statement, you are required to register for it.

What are the ways to avail HDFC mini statement?

Methods such as SMS banking and missed call service can easily be accessed by anyone, even with zero internet connection. However, the services such as mobile banking and net banking applications do need an internet network.

Also, to get access to any other services, you must have your mobile number registered with the concerned bank. Let’s know more about distinct ways of availing HDFC mini statement

Missed call banking – It is one of the easiest options for you if you do not have access to an internet connection or a smartphone. All you require to do is give a missed call on the HDFC number 1800 270 3355 from the number and request details of your past 3 transactions through SMS.

SMS banking – HDFC allows you to access the mini statement by simply sending a text, i.e., ‘txn’ to the number ‘5676712’. Note that this facility is totally free. You must get yourself registered so that you can use this service efficiently.

HDFC customer service number (toll-free) – Also, you can dial HDFC bank’s number to talk with the HDFC customer executive and request regarding your past three transactions in your bank account. HDFC’s number to contact customer support is 1800 270 3377.

HDFC mobile banking – HDFC has funnelled its mobile apps, which are available on iOS and Android devices. This app can be downloaded easily from the iOS app store or Google play store. Here, you are supposed to log in using your user ID and passcode. After this, you can retrieve your account details and even check your past transactions. To get this service, you must have an internet connection and a smartphone.

Net banking portal – You can log in to your HDFC net banking platform using your customer details and passcode to avail of a mini statement. Post logging, you can simply navigate your account details and view all your transactions in a detailed manner. You can efficiently manage your multiple accounts, transaction history, access the account statement etc., with the HDFC net banking platform.

HDFC ATM – It is one of the preferred ways of getting your account mini statement. For this, you can approach your nearest HDFC branch or other bank ATM and choose the ‘mini statement’ option. To view your statement, input your four-digit PIN and view your statements.

How can you register your mobile number for your HDFC bank mini statement?

Below listed are the distinct steps to register your mobile number with HDFC bank –

Registration by SMS – You can send an SMS to register your mobile number. The format is below –

Register <customer ID> last 5 digits of the account number to the HDFC number “5676712”.

Registration through net banking – Follow the listed steps for registration –

∙       Login to the HDFC net banking platform using your customer ID details and passcode.

∙       Choose the ‘SMS banking’ option and fill up all the required details.

Also, customers can register their mobile numbers by approaching the ATM or through the SMS route. Banking applications form available at the nearest HDFC bank branch.

HDFC mini statement number 

You require just to dial the toll-free HDFC mini statement number to get the details of the past three transactions. To get the HDFC bank mini statement, call at –

1800 270 3355

You will be required to call up the toll-free number to talk to HDFC customer care to get the mini statement of the past 3 transactions. To know about the HDFC bank statement, customers can simply dial –

1800 270 3377

Step to get the mini statement through SMS banking. 

To get the details of past transactions, customers can even send an SMS from their registered number. HDFC does not charge for the SMS service, but you may have to pay the SMS fees.

To get the HDFC mini statement through SMS banking, you must SMS –

“txn” to the HDFC number “5676712”

After sending the SMS, you will receive HDFC mini statement through SMS on your mobile number.

How can you register for HDFC SMS banking?

You can register for HDFC SMS banking using your HDFC banking or by approaching the nearest bank branch or ATM. Mentioned below are the steps that you need to follow –

HDFC net banking – 

Step no. 1 – HDFC bank customer requires to log in using the customer details and IPIN.

Step no. 2 – You must opt for the SMS banking registration.

Step no. 3 – You must fill up the required details for the registration.

HDFC bank ATM –

Step no. 1 – HDFC bank customer requires entering the ATM PIN.

Step no. 2 – ATM machine will display the tab “More Options”.

Step no. 3 – Post this, you can register for the mobile banking

HDFC bank branch –

If you want to register for HDFC SMS banking, you must fill in your bank application form and then drop it at the nearby bank branch.


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