How does Automatic Door Closer work?

An Automatic Door Closer


A mechanical, hydraulic door closer is an automatic door closer. Automatically closing the door after opening is a manual door closure that uses mechanical spring power. The pace at which the automatic door closer closes the door is controlled by an internal hydraulic fluid and a series of valves. ADA door openers and electromechanical automatic door closers are commonly mistaken. Automatic door openers employ a D.C. motor to open a door and a mechanical spring mechanism to close the door, which is driven by an electric current. On the other hand, automatic door closers do not automatically open or close doors.

Automatic Doors – Hinge vs. Closer: What’s the Difference?

Internal piston, gearshaft, and hydraulics are all included in an automatic door closure. The top of the door or frame is where automatic door closers are supposed to be installed. To close the door, an arm that extends out of the door closer and connects to the door is either pulled or pushed by the door closer. Spring hinges are used in automatic door closers. A spring inside the door hinge barrel builds stress when the door is made open. Spring automatically unwinds as a person walks through the door, forcing the door to close. Adjustable spring tension and closing speed are basic features of automatic door closers, which can be utilized on both light-duty and heavy-duty commercial doors. Door closers can only be used on lightweight doors, while automated closer hinges can only be used on heavier ones.

Adjustments to automatic door closers


Hydraulics are used in an automatic door closer to adjust the speed at which the door closes. All automated door closers have two hydraulic speed valves as standard equipment. During the first 15 degrees of open to fully closed, the latch speed regulates how quickly the door closes, and the main speed controls the closing speed when the door is open to 15 degrees. Automatic door closers are critical to pedestrian safety and your commercial door’s life expectancy if they are not properly adjusted. Door closers should never slam the door shut, even if they are automatic. The door will be gently closed by an automatic door closer that has been correctly calibrated.

Buy Automatic Doors

Buying Automatic Doors will help you grasp the structure of the building better

The successful operation of a business relies heavily on having doors that can be relied upon to open and close as required. Sliding and swinging doors with motors are both available as part of automated entrance door systems for commercial purposes, and these systems are simple to install.

Automatic Doors Designed For Commercial Use in Buildings

Automatic Door and Hardware is the leading manufacturer and supplier of automatic doors in the United States. We can produce various automatic doors, including automatic sliding doors, automatic swinging doors, and ADA door operators that use very little energy. Either we can install an automatic door system for you that is fully functional out of the box, or we can assist you with automating doors that are currently operated manually.

Installing external Automated Door

Automated doors are used as the primary entrance to business buildings. As an exterior door, the automatic entrance is a barrier between the building’s interior and the rest of the world. All conventional external wall types, including brick, masonry, CMU, wood stud, and metal stud, can be accommodated by automatic doors. The type of anchors used to attach the mechanical door frame to the outer wall depends on the material of the exterior wall. When installing an automatic door on a wood stud perimeter wall, wood screws would be needed. CMU walls, on the other hand, use masonry anchor bolts. Exterior automatic door frames are meant to fit flush against the wall.

Interior Automatic Doors

Interior automatic doors are becoming more popular, especially when they separate two elements of a building’s interior. It’s common for interior walls to be constructed of wood or metal studs. The frame of the internal automated door is designed to fit snugly against the wall.

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