How to Choose the Right Domain for the Site

Domain is the address of the site, which is his identifying mark. It can be a marketing tool that will make an impression about the company. Here’s how to increase brand awareness only with a memorable, unique domain.

Classification of Domains

The address of the site, be it or, consists of words separated by dots. The number of words in the domain name depends on its level and belonging to a particular region.

Usually it’s recommended to use the names of no more than three levels.

Domain Levels

According to the classification, names can be divided into domains of a certain region and general purpose. Country-specific addresses can be easily identified by the two letters after the dot – uk, us and others. Some countries determine the requirements for the site, which will use their regionality (they relate to data storage space, technical hosting capabilities, etc.), it’s better to study before you make a choice.

Regional Domain Zones

If the site is targeted to residents of a particular region, you can use sub-regional domains: spb, msk, etc.

General-purpose domains are divided by cultural and linguistic-territorial features:

  • .aero – refers to aviation.
  • .biz – for business organizations.
  • .com – for commercial organizations.
  • .edu – for educational institutions.
  • .gov – for government websites.
  • .info – for news sites.
  • .mobi – for mobile devices.
  • .museum – for museums.
  • .org – for non-profit organizations.
  • .travel – for tourism.
  • .xxx, for adult content.

The list, of course, is much longer. Before choosing one or another part of the name, you should pay attention to their effectiveness in promotion. Accreditation should be obtained for the use of some domains.

If you want to show that your site refers to a certain subject matter, but provides services only in a certain territory, you can use the third stage domain and combine, for example –

Analyze your business before choosing a domain name and think about which subject area it’s best referred to, whether you need to use the sub-regional level. If you make a mistake, it will further affect the effectiveness of advertising and SEO.

How the Domain Affects the Promotion of the Site

If the name of your site is chosen correctly, then it will be correctly ranked by search engines. But it is much more important that your site can be easily remembered by people and say it out loud. Ideally, the address should coincide with the name of the brand or company, then the link to the site will appear in any case, when the user enters the name of the brand in the search box.

If you’re just about to create a website, consider the option of a recently vacated domain. Customers who have previously visited that site will go there again. But the obvious downside is that if the previous site doesn’t overlap with yours on topics, users who are used to getting certain information will leave. This will increase the bounce rate, which will have a negative impact on behavioral traffic. If the theme of your site is the same, then in general the method will help to immediately get customers who are used to making purchases on this site. True, you need to clarify that the site at this address was previously effective.

How to Choose a Domain

Answer a few important questions before registering your domain:

  • Does your site relate to a particular topic?
  • Are there any restrictions on the target audience?
  • Do you need to use a sub-regional domain?

The name must be thought of based on the answers. It’s best to register all similar names in different zones so that your competitors cannot buy them out and use your name to attract customers to your company.

Basic recommendations:

  • If your business is tied to a specific location (e.g. gym, beauty salon), then use a sub-regional domain.
  • If your business is not tied to a specific territory, designed for a wide audience from different countries, you can use the zone .com or .org.
  • Rent a domain in the zone .com, if you plan to go international in the future, if you know exactly what foreign countries will be interested in your products, you can register domains in the zones of these specific countries (us, fr, etc.)

Sometimes in search of the best name for a domain, the owners use a free domain name generator. It works simply – in the line enters a word that describes the activity of the company, the system offers options with the addition of characters and additional words. As a result, there is a huge number of most similar names of domains, which only confuse users. Therefore, it’s best to use unique names invented by yourself.

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