How to Perfectly Pair Your Solitaire Engagement Ring

There are various ways to wear your engagement ring. You can decide to wear it with other jewelry pieces or just wear it alone. But then, there is so much that goes into making such a decision. You first need to know whether pairing your ring with other jewelry pieces is good.

If you have a solitaire engagement ring, pairing it with other pieces of jewelry is an excellent idea. However, how you pair it will determine the final look. This article is the best guide to use when looking to pair your solitaire ring with other pieces of jewelry.

Let’s get started with it.

Pairing Guide for Solitaire Engagement Rings

You might think that pairing your solitaire diamond ring with other jewelry pieces is easy. It is not, however, especially if you want to achieve a distinct look. There is so much that you need to know and do to ensure that you pair your solitaire ring and other jewelry properly.

For instance, you need to know which jewelry items will complement your engagement ring properly. You also need to be sure about what metal, material, and color best suit your needs. That will make it easy to choose the right pieces of jewelry to pair with your solitaire engagement ring.

The good news is that solitaire engagement rings go with almost anything. You won’t go wrong with pairing them with jewels like wedding bands, necklaces, bracelets, etc. All you need to do is ensure that you choose jewelry pieces that will match perfectly with them.

We have mentioned material among the things to consider when pairing jewelry. You need to ensure that the jewelry you want to pair with your solitaire engagement ring is of similar material to the ring’s. This will help ensure that they have a similar shine and color.

For instance, you shouldn’t wear a diamond solitaire ring with a gold necklace. These two pieces of jewelry won’t match, unless one is coated with the other material. In short, it is better to match a diamond solitaire ring with a diamond necklace, band, or bracelet.

Pairing Lab-Created Diamonds with Natural Diamonds

You might wonder if pairing lab-grown with natural diamonds is a good idea. When it comes to fashion, you are never limited in what you can do. You can experiment with anything until you get the look you desire. This is especially true when dealing with jewelry.

You can pair your lab-created diamonds with natural ones. All you need to do is choose jewelry that best fits your needs. You can try to pair a solitaire diamond ring made from lab-grown diamonds tennis necklace, bracelet, or any other jewelry made from lab grown diamonds.

You also cannot go wrong with matching a diamond solitaire ring made from lab-grown diamonds with one made from natural ones. These types of diamonds look similar, making it easy to match them. There are no notable physical differences between the two types of diamond.

It is easy to invest in diamond jewelry when you know this. You won’t need to spend a lot of time choosing a diamond that will match with your other pieces. You only need to look at the basic features. For instance, the physical appearance might be enough to help you choose.

You won’t need to look at chemical features, although they also don’t differentiate natural from lab-created diamonds. You can look at other features like the color, cut, carat weight, and clarity. You don’t even need an expert to help you choose the best diamond ring.

With that said, it will be good to also look at whether pairing a solitaire ring with a wedding band is possible. Well, the reality is that most people wear engagement rings with wedding bands. The next section will explain whether this can be an ideal match for a jewelry lover.

Is It Good To Wear a Solitaire Ring with Your Wedding Band?

You will get your engagement ring earlier before getting a wedding band. However, it is not necessary to postpone your engagement ring simply because you have a wedding band. Many people get attached to their jewelry, making it difficult to let it go for even a day.

Thus, you shouldn’t limit yourself in any way when adding a wedding band to your finger. It will be a great idea to pair it with your engagement ring because that will enhance your look greatly. You only need to ensure that you get the pairing right and have the right jewelry.

You can choose a wedding band that looks like your engagement ring. Ensure that you look for one that will match well with your other outfit. A classic engagement ring will be a good pick if matched with a classic wedding band. There are many classic wedding band designs.

All you need to do is ask for a classic design from the 1970s or 1980s when you go shopping. It will be easy to find such a piece if you invest time in research. You also need to ensure that you buy from a reputable seller so that you get exactly the jewelry you need.

The seller is as good as the jewelry they have in their store. If they aren’t reliable, then you might end up getting no value from your jewelry. However, taking the time to find a good seller will help ensure you get good value. They can also help you with jewelry pairing.


There is no doubt that pairing your lab grown solitaire ring with other jewelry pieces can impact your overall look. A wedding band is one of the jewelry items that will look perfect if paired with a solitaire ring. You can’t go wrong with pairing these two now that you’ve been given a hint.

You need to ensure that the solitaire diamond and the jewelry you’d like to pair it with have matching colors. This will help make you look more exquisite and appealing. You can start by choosing the metal and material that best fit your needs when buying these jewelry items.

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