Imginn- Watch instagram stories being anonymous

Do you want to watch someone’s stories or posts but do not want to reveal your identity? No worries, imginn is always there for you to make it possible. However, Imginn is not linked with the official Instagram.

Even more, not only does it helps you view others’ stories, but it also helps you build your brand. You can try any of the Instagram features without even signing in. Furthermore, there is no urge to download other similar apps as this one provides you with all that you want.

Imginn is a simple app that lets you store Instagram stories of others. Moreover, you can also download others’ highlights, stories, videos, and images.

What is imginn?

Imginn is a wonderful platform that helps users use Instagram features without creating an additional account. Even more, although you have not signed up for Instagram, you can surely explore it to the fullest. Besides, you will surely not require an Instagram account, but you will need a Facebook one. This means you surely need to set up some additional accounts.

Also, it entirely depends on you how many pictures you will post per day. In essence, if you post ten pictures per day, it is recommended to create an account as it will help people find you through your real profile.

Furthermore, if you plan to post ten pictures per day or more, it would be better for you to go for a public profile, so you are visible to everyone.

Imginn interface

The imginn interface is quite simple and easy to use. Moreover, imginn truly looks like a professional website, although it is not. Also, you may require some time to explore the website to the fullest, as exploring will help you locate all the features. So, it is appreciated to dig deeper to learn more.

Once you sign up for imginn, you will get 50 free photo credits which are good enough. These photo credits mean likes on your photos. Interestingly, if there are some unused credits left, they are not going in vain, as they are rolled over to the next day, and there will be no additional fee for it.

Is imginn a better image viewing app than others?

People are on the verge of looking into different accounts without signing up for them. However, whenever you want to use a social media platform, you genuinely need to create an account so you can fully discover it. But here, the imginn comes into play and helps you find the profiles of your favorite personalities and other family and friends without showing your identity.

Unfortunately, imginn is not for all countries but has no issues, as VPN is there to support this incredible app. Hence, you can connect with people no matter where they are.

Also, if you live abroad, there are some tips and tricks that may help you with using this type of app.

How to know more about imginn?

Imginn is a wonderful platform that helps you keep your identity unveiled. Moreover, you can look at its FAQ page, where all the essential questions related to the app have been answered. However, these FAQs help solve some of the troubleshooting steps related to the app.

How does imginn work?

Imginn works quite well, but before using it, you must ensure that the flash is enabled in your browser. In addition, if the flash is turned on, then you will have to encounter a warning. Moreover, you can insert your login credential for another account like Facebook or others to log in to the imginn account. Also, you are now ready to post pictures from another account.

However, imginn was tested with several browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, PC, and MAC. Sometimes it also happens that imginn does not work as it should; you must try to disable a few things from your browser, which will help you run the app more efficiently. However, adobe flash is the biggest culprit that may ruin the app’s performance. You can block it, so it does not interrupt you while you use your favorite app, imginn.

Also, you can view photos and stories from various other accounts such as Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. Additionally, you can not only save and like your friend’s stories and posts but also the celebrities that you like.

Other things you can do using imginn

Imginn does not only limit you to using it to a certain extent. Apart from liking and saving photos, you can do much more with the app. It is far more than saving posts and pictures. Besides, imginn comes with multiple functions you can use to the fullest as the app does not imply any limitations or restrictions with their usage.

Hence, imginn has a lot of potential, and you will surely enjoy the app once you are fully aware of its functions.

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How to use imginn?

Using imginn is quite similar to that of using Instagram. The only difference is that your identity is never revealed when you use imginn. Additionally, you can effortlessly search any username on imginn and follow the account. Also, you can watch others’ stories and like their posts.


Although you use the anonymous platform, you can still make most of it. Imginn helps you discover some of the exciting features. You can surely explore it to the fullest because it is a great app. Even better, you can make some critical changes to your profile also.

Here are some of the features of imginn that tell you how meaningful the app it is:

  • Watch And Save posts

Imginn is genuinely an excellent app. You can watch and save others’ posts and stories while your identity remains unrevealed. Moreover, you can now save photos and videos only with one click.

  • Use the desired username

Imginn lets you use the username of your wish. It can be any name that you like. 

  • Use imginn without signup

Imginn requires no signup before you use it, which is its most significant advantage. This means you can watch others’ stories and posts anonymously.

  • Save posts

While scrolling, you might go through something exciting and want to save it to watch it later, and you can surely save it to your device so you can have easy access to it once you are not using the app.

  • Stay anonymous

The best thing about imginn is that you remain anonymous, and no one will know if you have seen their stories.

Some insights of the app, imginn

The top right corner of the app is where you can edit information to your profile. You can add details like changing your username, following and unfollowing friends, signing out, and more.

However, you can not directly post on imginn as you have not signed up officially. But it is an incredible tool to schedule your posts, and you can also test your captions before posting them on your official Instagram account.

Also, depending on the type of phone you own, you will be able to make different settings for the app, imginn. Besides, you can schedule your post as per the time you want, and if you forget to post, the scheduling manager will let you know the exact time to post.

Restrictions for imginn

Undoubtedly, imginn is a wonderful platform to pass your time, and if you own a business, it creates a fantastic brand for you. But there are certain limitations associated with app usage.

The first restriction associated with imginn is that one must be 18 years old or older to use the app. Following are the countries where this restriction implies:

  • Italy
  • Germany
  • France
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Spain

Also, there are some terms and conditions that you have to agree to before using the app. In addition, setting multiple accounts on imginn is also not allowed. Hence, you cannot follow someone you are not friends with on Facebook.

Even more, the most important thing about using imginn is that you can only have access to pages with no official account. Meaning you can have connections with pages that are anonymous like you.


To conclude, imginn is a great platform that helps you view other stories and post without letting them know. Another great thing about it is that you don’t have to connect it with your official Instagram account, which may reveal your identity.

The process to join imginn is relatively straightforward. You only need to put on some basic information like your username, photo, bio, and other little details, and you are already there.

Also, when you are done with putting in some basic information about yourself, you have a good connection with other imginn users. You can follow them and see their activities. Hence, you can use all the Instagram features to the fullest.

Hence, imginn makes things relatively more straightforward for you. Also, it is an easy-to-use app so that you won’t face any hurdles. It only requires some exploring, and you can see different functions of your type.

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