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Introduction :

One of the most popular TV series is Game of thrones. It is a fantasy drama series that has been found for many years. Many things about this TV series make it attractive, such as its style, content, and character development. The story focuses on conflicts among powerful families and their power struggles. The families include the king, lords, knights, enslaved people, and many others. All episodes are approximately one hour long, except for some, which are slightly longer or shorter depending on the details provided in each episode. There are a total of eight seasons so far, with 73 episodes. Each episode is followed by the next. The primary language used in the series is English, with a few words in other languages when needed.

The Story of Season 1-4: Game of thrones

Game of thrones
Game of thrones

The story revolves around some people of a fictional land called Westeros and places in that area. The story starts during a time of civil war among noble families. The country’s ruler, King Robert Baratheon, has requested John Snow to be his right-hand man, so he accepts this position and visits King’s Landing under his demand, and there he meets Daenerys Targaryen, who is an exiled princess determined to free enslaved people and gain back her stolen throne. But her brother Viserys Targaryen wants it at any cost. Thus, the two begin a war against each other, and their battles will soon involve the world in a deadly war.

This TV series is not only popular but also famous. It has been rated as one of the most-watched television programs in the world by a particular reliable rating agency viewership. It also has been growing in popularity a great deal every year. It was ranked as one of the top five worldwide TV series for many years, which was achieved by beating out several competitors. The first season of the series started on April 17, 2011, with a total of ten episodes, and it was aired on the HBO network. It ranked third in the most-watched TV series in its first airing. Almost all its seasons were very successful in ratings.

The Story of Season 4-8: Game of thrones

The story continues until the present, when Daenerys Targaryen has gained control of most of Westeros after winning a war against the other army on her side, the Night’s Watch. This army was formed by men dedicated to facing any threat they encountered, serving as guards to protect the kingdom. She also gained an army to get more power, but this army wasn’t loyal to her as she desired it. Only Viserys Targaryen remained alive because he was given one last chance; if he did not get his way, his sister would be killed by a rival of Daenerys’ brother Rhaegar Targaryen.

The story progresses, and the people are getting restless about the rule of Daenerys Targaryen. Therefore, both her sons, Jaehaerys and Aegon, who were never born to her husband, want to overthrow her. Currently, Aegon is the king of Westeros as his mother appointed him; but he claims he wants to become the king of all of Westeros. This gets some people’s attention, so he decides to use them as tools to overthrow her to achieve his goal. His first tool is Tywin Lannister, the head of House Lannister and one of the most influential and wealthiest families in Westeros. They begin a plan together since he wanted to get hold of more power. Thus, he used Tywin’s newborn son, Tyrion Lannister, as a tool through which he can get energy by killing his father. In turn, Tywin used Tyrion’s father, Tywin’s eldest child Jaime Lannister who was loyal to him and believed that what is good for House Lannister is suitable for House Lannister.

Information about each episode of Game of thrones

The first season introduces the conflict between two powerful families, describing how the character is created and how they relate to other characters. The episode also tells how Joffrey Baratheon became a king, even though he was not supposed to be a king. Each family has its characteristics, goals, and problems that make it different from others, creating conflict between them and leading to war. In each episode, there is a conflict between different characters that resolves or worsens in the next episodes. The story also depicts the struggle for survival, such as Arya Stark, who escapes from her home after the Lannisters destroy it despite being seriously injured. The report also describes the physical and emotional issues all these characters face. Some try to get rid of their problems and move on, while others struggle with them.

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What to know before watching Game of thrones?

Watching Game of Thrones from the start is advisable to give oneself a good understanding. If you want to watch it but do not know where it is, then your best option would be to go online and search for the number of seasons it has been running. The website should provide reviews from people who have watched Game of Thrones to get a clear picture of what they think about this TV series. After knowing your thoughts, you should then decide whether to watch Game of Thrones or not. If you choose to watch it online, ensure you have an internet connection to avoid unnecessary trouble with viewing quality.

What is the Index of Game of Thrones?

The Index of Game of Thrones is a website that contains detailed information about the TV series. It provides facts, reviews, and other data-related details about the TV series. This website is popularly used by fans that want to know more about the TV series. It also contains news updates, new series, top ten lists, and other information that might be useful to the viewers. This website uses a unique indexing system to provide users with details regarding each episode of Game of Thrones in a form that is easy to understand.

 Season Name No. of Episode Viewers Rating Release Date
Season -1 10 9.1/10 17th April, 2011 – 19th June, 2011
Season -2 10 9.2/10 1 April, 2012 – 3rd June, 2012
Season -3 10 8.6/10 31th March, 2013 – 9th June, 2013
Season -4 10 8.9/10 6th April, 2014 – 15th June, 2014
Season -5 10 9.1/10 12th April, 2015 – 14th June, 2015
Season -6 10 8.4/10 24th April, 2016 – 26th June, 2016
Season -7 07 8.3/10 16th July, 2017 – 27th Aug, 2017
Season -8 06 4.2/10 14th April, 2019 – 19th May, 2019

Conclusion :

Game of Thrones is an excellent TV series containing interesting topics and beautiful stories. Unlike other series with a long time to wait for each season, this series is different from others because its seasons come one after another in a short period. This makes it more attractive for viewers to watch every season because it does not require them to wait too long to watch the following season.

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