KSU D2L – A Dynamic Learning Approach

Every university and school has a separate Learning management system (LMS). Moreover, the LMS helps learn some great topics from the course outline. It not only assists students in learning new concepts and theories but also allows teachers to update new information. Every user has a different ID and password, which they can use as login credentials to access the portal.

KSU D2L lets you plan, implement and evaluate the learning process. Every organization or university has this type of portal where the necessary information is stored, and all the users with legit login credentials can easily access it. Furthermore, the students can also attempt quizzes, assignments, and exams through the LMS. It is the best way of making things digital. Also, the use of LMS for trying quizzes and assignments helps in introducing the concept of paperless technology.

D2L bright space

If you want to explore the LMS fully, we have you covered. D2L’s bright space is beneficial for both instructors and teachers. In addition, online teaching has become quite common these days. It has made things simpler for teachers and students.

KSU D2L features

The academic resources that can be easily stored to facilitate the teachers and students on KSU D2L are as under:

  • Grading score
  • Course material
  • Quizzes and test menu link
  • Discussion and groups
  • Course registration details

Login instructions for KSU D2L

Here are some login instructions for you that can help you log in successfully:

  • You need to click on this link first: https://d2l.kennesaw.edu/
  • Now you will see the login button in the D2L bright space
  • You will be redirected to KSU D2L portal login page
  • Now enter the username and password
  • Now you need to press the sign button so that you get access to the KSU D2L dashboard

How to change the KSU D2L password?

You may forget your KSU D2L password, but there is nothing to worry about because you can quickly recover your password.

You need to access the portal and click on the forgot password. Once the next page opens, you can reset the password and can easily log in with a new password.

Undoubtedly, the KSU D2L facilitates the learning process to a great extent. Every type of educational material is already present on the LMS which the students or teachers can access any time of the day.


There are third-party tools that are used by the KSU D2L website. Moreover, these tools are free to use and make the best user experience.

  • Move

The move feature on bright space lets you hold virtual meetings with your friends. It is an incredibly fantastic feature that enables you to explore the world of learning.

  • SoftChalk

Another tool widely used in the bright space is SoftChalk which enables students to convey instructions online. Also, you can share media and textbooks too.

KSU D2L bright space

Material development is only possible through the bright space platform. Moreover, one can also create program material through the bright space platform. Furthermore, there are also possibilities for artistic and collaborative literacy. It depends on you whether you want to opt for it or not.

However, if you want to make your electronic conference more lively and exciting, you can surely use agitation and a whiteboard.

Also, the videotape-based assignment helps students to test their skills. The students get the desired feedback due to their efforts. This way, they know where they are good at and where they should work to gain more points.

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Mobile friendly software

You can access KSU D2L from any device. However, it is mobile-friendly software that allows students or teachers to access it from any location, anytime, and anywhere. You can access the software offline too. Isn’t that great? Also, you don’t need to install or invest a single penny in accessing the bright space platform. It is free to use.


1. Where to find the KSU D2L identification number?

If you cannot find the KSU D2L identification number, you must not be worried. Your student ID card has this nine-digit number written prominently on it. One can quickly identify the numbers written on it. Furthermore, even if you visit the KSU lookup, you can easily find the ID number. Moreover, there are multiple KSU departments where you can use your KSU ID card. Also, the student ID can be used to set your NetID password.

2. Why does KSU D2L login not work?

There can be many reasons why the KSU D2L login may not work. However, sometimes the issue may be due to an outdated device’s usage. Sometimes the browser may be outdated to run the software appropriately. In addition, if you want to keep things going, our device and browser must be updated with the current version.

3. Why is D2L inaccessible?

There might be some issues with the username or password. It might be case-sensitive, and maybe that’s why it might not let you access the D2L platform. You can utilize the forget password or reset password option to regain access to your D2L.

4. Can I freeze time on KSU D2L?

Unfortunately, the users can not freeze time in KSU D2L. Once the students start the quiz, neither you can pause nor freeze it. The quiz will automatically submit at its designated time. The timer runs as per the preset time.


KSU D2L is a learning management system (LMS) that enables students and teachers to access various educational materials. Not only does it allow students to learn topics from their course outline, but the students can attempt various quizzes, assignments, and exams. This method reduces the use of paper.

Furthermore, an LMS is the best way to plan, implement and evaluate the learning process. It has made things quite simple for both teachers and students. Besides, the KSU D2L bright space is a wonderful platform that allows students and teachers to access specific tools that make learning enjoyable.

Moreover, there are video-tape-based assignments that test the student’s skills, and students get to learn some fantastic skills.

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