Meet the Renogy one: an all-in-one energy monitor and AloT expert

If you are the kind of person who likes total control over every aspect of your life, Renogy One is definitely what you need. The powerful star product is developed by Renogy, and released at the beginning of this July, coming with amazing functions like real-time monitoring and smart life configuring, namely loT.

Renogy One is the first of its kind on the market, with the mission to successfully solve  consumers’ inconvenience of checking the running states of different equipment on separate screens, while also adding the comfort of smart living to the off-grid life.

What is Renogy One?

Renogy One (also known as Renogy One M1) is an all-in-one energy monitoring and off-grid smart living center that revolutionizes comfort when you live in your off-grid home or RV. It is the heart of your off-grid system with sleek, flush-mount touchscreen that looks great anywhere, similar to portable power quality analysers.

The 4” HD display lets you monitor every Renogy device in your home from one screen. When Renogy ONE works in association with the DC Home app, you will have the same system monitoring wherever you go on your smartphone.

Renogy ONE makes it possible to live off-grid without superb comfort. It allows control of up to three devices at a time through the direct connection with panel relays. In addition, Renogy One delivers peace of mind with enhanced security features for your off-grid home or RV. It is compatible with Renogy’s Smart Relay, Smart Plug, Door & Window Sensor, and Motion Sensor to send instant alerts right to your DC Home app if there is a security breach.

What makes the little Renogy One so powerful?

All-in-one monitor–Renogy One M1 is designed to be the heart of your off-grid system. Being connected to all your solar devices and equipment, Renogy One shows the state of every device, such as the running state of the lifePo4 battery, charge controller, inverter, and more, on its 4” HD display or transfers the data to your DC Home APP; thus you can also track the performance of the solar equipment on your mobile device. Besides monitoring function, remote control of the equipment is also achievable on Renogy One. The touch screen has made it easier to control and monitor, with a user-friendly interface, intuitive visuals, and real-time data.

Wireless connections–How Renogy One connect to and receive information from other devices? All Renogy’s products can make it easily by wireless connections, because Renogy has equipped all its products with communication ports or similar designs in advance (with which we have to agree it as a smart practice). For example, Renogy devices equipped with RS485 and RS232 communication portal, Lycan 5000 Power Box with module BT-2, and REGO system either with Bluetooth or RV-C communication port, all can connect to Renogy One wirelessly.

Sleek and Compact size–One of the best part of Renogy One rests on its handy size. The compact and classic design makes it a choice that will never go against the interior decor of your cabin, RV, or yacht. Besides measuring only 181.8 x 86.8 x 42.2 mm, the little gear, usually installed on the wall, can easily blend in your space style or perhaps add a flair of technology to your room.

Smart-living center–Renogy One represents Renogy’s resolution to enter the loT world, by which Renogy can reward their ten million subscribers with the best ever service. Renogy One is launched with a range of smart accessories including the door and window sensor, motion sensor, smart relay and smart plug. More pieces of similar smart accessory equipment are still under development. Through the smart plug, you can control any device that’s plugged into it through Renogy One; With the motion sensor device riveted near the entry of your property, any motion within its detecting range of 19.69 feet and a 110 degrees field of view can trigger alerts sent to your DC Home App; And the door and window sensor can work similarly as a security alerting solution. Renogy aims to bring the convenience and comfort of smart life to each off grid system owner.

How to enjoy the upgraded smart life?

Renogy also launches a subscription plan accompanying the release of Renogy One. In the plan, there are three kinds of services to choose from. And due to the plan is still at the marketing stage, the price comes with a big discount and obviously it is the best time to join the plan at the moment. While a single Renogy One costs $259.99, the basic subscription package plan is available at the same price but offers more. By buying the basic plus subscription plan, you will get a Renogy one M1, as well as a special offer (available only in 2022) which includes a welcome kit worth $19.99, and special coupons worth not less than $30, and an off-grid virtual assistant.

The energy plus plan offers a better smart service. In addition to all the services included in the Basic plus plan, the energy plus package offers extra gears including smart plug, smart relay, and additional functions like one-touch control, smart home automation, theme customization, and video chat support.

Choosing the Life plus plan leads to a deluxe package for smart living. On top of all those benefits mentioned above, the Life plus package also offers door and window sensors in two packs and one motion sensor. Smart functions extend to smart motion detection, entry alerts, and Hellos program.

For more information, Just quickly visit Renogy One here.

How will Renogy One change your monitoring experience?

Convenient monitoring experience

Before: You have to install multiple mini-monitors on different energy devices, and view the monitors separately each time; or you have to own energy devices installed with Bluetooth modules. Every time you want to view the data, you will have open the DC home app on your mobile phone and make connections through Bluetooth.

Now with Renogy One: With Renogy One fixed in any place in your RV or cabin and connected with the energy device through the Bluetooth or communication line (the connection remains long-term), you can get real-time data and status of all energy control equipment on the 4-inch high-definition display at one time.

Remote control and monitoring

Before: Every time you check the energy device data, you need to keep close enough to each mini monitoring screen. Even when you tend to check them on your mobile app, you need to make sure you are within the Bluetooth connection distance.


Now with Renogy One: Renogy One can collect data from all equipment and transmit it to the cloud, where the DC home app on any mobile device can access. Even if you are far away from the RV or cabin, you can still check the data on the app.

In-time alerts

Before: When any equipment reports an error, alerts might go to your mobile app via Bluetooth. But if the mobile phone is not nearby, the error will not be received.

 Now with Renogy One: Once Renogy One catches any error concurring in any equipment, it will chime and show error message and troubleshooting suggestions on its display, and at the same time, send alarms to your mobile app so you can be informed quickly.

Comprehensive and Precise data Visualization

Before: intermittent data tracking results in fragmented information, which means you cannot learn the overall status of your equipment.

Now with Renogy One: Renogy One can collect the data every day and store it in the Cloud. You can check the data on the website or on your mobile app and thus have a complete view of the data. Viewing the data trend, you can easily find out the condition of all equipment.

You may have these questions

  1. Does the super panel come with a Coulomb recorder?

No, it does not come with a coulomb recorder.

  1. How does the super panel connect with different types of batteries?

There are several ways to connect with batteries: A. If the battery comes with Bluetooth (such as Rego battery, renogy 100Ah / 200ah Bluetooth lithium battery, etc.), a wireless connection can be established with the Renogy One through Bluetooth; B. If the battery supports the RV-C communication connection (such as Rego battery), a wired connection can be established with  Renogy One through the RV-C communication line; C. If the battery supports BT-1 and BT-2 modules, a wireless connection can be established with Renogy One through Bluetooth;

  1. Apart from Renogy’s smart accessories, can Renogy One connect to Zigbee accessories from a third party?

It is recommended to connect with Renogy’s smart accessories only. The compatibility with other accessories from a third party is not guaranteed.

  1. Will the configured smart scene work as usual when Renogy One is disconnected (offline)?

Yes. Through the wireless connections, Renogy One can still receive information from the smart accessories and send commands backwards. Off course, some scenarios require electricity to be realized, such as turning on a smart socket to power an electrical appliance.

About Renogy

Renogy was founded in 2010 with a mission to change the world in utilizing energy. They are dedicated to protecting the earth by empowering every individual to live a sustainable life and achieve energy independence. The great cause will be to empower the energy independence of 50 million people with DIY friendly and reliable renewable energy products by the year 2030.

They have developed a wide range of solar products, including all units required for a complete off-grid solar power system, such as solar generators, portable solar panels, lithium ion batteries, charge controllers, and inverters. They also invest in researches and promote the development of new products that can upgrade the off-grid lifestyle, so more people can become willing to join the clean-energy cycle.

At Renogy’s online store, all the components necessary for users to build off-grid solar power systems are kept at affordable prices. They hope every customer can enjoy green energy without  financial burdens.

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