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Mikhail Kiperman, Vera Brezhnev’s second husband, was named after him. He wed her in November 2006. He was conceived in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, on January 1, 1970. He is a businessman. Vera Brezhnev gave him one child. His name is Sarah Kiperman. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn. 

Mikhail Kiperman: 

Mikhail Kiperman is a Dnepropetrovsk local and the son of Yury Mikhailovich Kiperman (money manager), a strong financial specialist in Ukraine. He is the overall chief (leader), of Optima Telecom. He also owns the Optima oil company, as well as 80 service stations. Yuri Kiperman, a member of the Board of Trustees of Dnipropetrovsk’s Golden Rose Synagogue of Dnipropetrovsk. 


Mikhail Kiperman as Ukraine Businessman 

Mikhail Kiperman, a prominent Ukrainian finance manager, is the owner of an oil company and a whole network of corner shops. Kiperman can provide a comfortable life for his family. He was Vera’s principal official companion. They enrolled in their relationship in 2006. Vera also changed her last name from her partner’s to him. This individual should not have any financial issues. Mikhail Kiperman is somewhat private. When it was suggested that he be remembered for his rundown of the most extravagant people in Ukraine, he refused to give a meeting and did not disclose data about his salary. 

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Vera Brezhneva Mikhail Kiperman: Life after Divorce 

Vera quit the troupe in 2007 to travel alone through Broadway’s floods. She needed a man who could uphold her simultaneously. Mikhail Kiperman, a Ukrainian billionaire, made the decision. He didn’t stop there. He now has a wife and two children. Michael’s Orthodox Jewish family was not able to support his separation from his main family and his enlistment in another marriage in 2006. His family name began to be worn frequently, and Sonya became the little girl of her father. 

Vera Brezhnev Kiperman‘s second wife was willing to pay for her shows, but ended up being jealous. Relationship with Mikhail was strained by her negative demeanor, her inability to cooperate with craftsmen on express scenes in movies, and her photos in magazines. Konstantin Meladze, Vera’s mysterious love, was not far away. The tycoon coordinated the reconnaissance of his unimportant wife. 

Their normal girl Sarah did not save their relationship. Kiperman was convinced of conspiracy and sought legal separation in 2012. Vitaly Voichenko, who was familiar with her, commented on the separation. 


How did Vera Brezhneva and Mikhail meet? 

It could have been that the gathering was with a Dnepropetrovsk Money manager. This individual, Mikhail Kiperman from Ukrnafta Corporation’s leading administrative group, was there. He had separated from Brezhnev and his most beloved spouse. 

Vera was 10 years older than his husband. He got married, even though his relationship with the craftsman ended sooner than expected. Even though he was opposed to this marriage, Vera Brezhnev got married to Mikhail Kiperman in 2006. She was a star at that time, and she still is. Sarah was born to her and she took the name of her partner. Vera stated in a meeting that the man who is closest to me right now is the ideal man I love and with whom I need to live my best life. However, Brezhnev was able to separate from Kiperman in 2012. 

Mikhail, 23, married Alena Gaivanenko (23-year-old Odessa Model), Nomi. Her body is more youthful than that of Vera Brezhnev. She is also a Jew. ”I’m Jewish. “My better half is Jewish so no inquiries emerged about it,” said a young mother, Alena Gaivanenko, a model from Odessa aged 23. 


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