Miro vs Trello: What’s the Difference?

Miro is an online whiteboard application that is used by top companies like Fortune. Miro was launched in the year of 2011. Miro demo has helped increase collaboration among teams through tools to brainstorm, and draw, along with flexible workflows. Trello is a Trello program for managing projects that was launched at the beginning of the year and was released for the first time. It’s a Kanban-style program to allow you to keep track of your projects and organize teams.

This is the entire guide on Miro prices and Trello pricing to help you understand the features you should expect of each of the choices:

Trello Software

Many people searching for a simple application to manage their company chooses Trello. It assists with managing projects and helps streamline processes. Every Trello pricing plan is created to aid users who work in teams of various sizes. Let’s review the features each pricing plan includes:


People who want to organize the duties of a person or would like to start using Trello might find this method sufficient. It allows you to create unlimited accounts for managing data. It even provides unlimited data storage; however, the size of the files can be limited to up to 10MB. It is possible to customize the power-ups to ensure that work is done more quickly. Users are able to execute more than 250 tasks inside the workspace. With access to an inexhaustible activity log, you’re capable of monitoring each aspect of the work. Furthermore, you can delegate the responsibility of assigning individuals to carry out the work and establish deadlines to make sure that tasks are accomplished by specific dates.


It is worth noting that the Trello price for their base pricing is just $6 which is payable on a monthly basis. Trello demo includes all the tools that are included in this free plan. Additionally, it can be used to create endless boards and advanced checklists. It is also possible to build custom fields, too.

The plan provides the use of 1,000 commands for the workspace each month. It also gives unlimited storage. Files can be as large as 250MB. Single board guests permit users to invite their colleagues and clients to join, so they can share the process of synchronization.


The price for the premium option is around 12 dollars. It is equipped with a range of features that assist in the control of tasks using a visual method. Examples include:

  • Dashboard view
  • Map view
  • Calendar view
  • Timeline view
  • Map View

View of the workspace

Users can perform unlimited commands in their work area each month. Users can also invite observers who can effectively be involved in task control. Additionally, the collection option lets you store all data entirely. Furthermore, the simple export of data allows you to manage your data through simple procedures.


Another option is features that are enterprise-scale including unlimited workspaces, and access rights for the entire company. In addition, you are able to manage boards throughout your company. The management of boards for public use lets you control the information you display as well as the individuals who edit them, for instance. The cost can be made by filling out a form on the website.

Miro Software

Due to the fact that Miro software is fast becoming the most popular choice for creative teams looking to streamline their marketing activities, it might be helpful to consider how it can benefit teams of various sizes. Miro pricing is flexible. Miro pricing includes five options:


This is an excellent option for users who wish to start making use of Miro software and learn about it before making a decision on alternative subscription options. Miro comes with a range of useful tools. It offers, for instance, access to templates pre-designed which allow you to design projects without starting with scratch.

Additionally, it can be utilized to access basic integrations to apps such as Google Drive, Microsoft, One Drive, Zapier, and many more. Additionally, it could help with the basics of attention management. You can, first and foremost, invite all users to join that platform. Furthermore, you can monitor the activities of other users.


The team Miro cost is just $10. It includes a wide range of options for teams that require more effective collaboration tools. You can, for instance, invite up to a dozen guests to collaborate with each other. The option of personalizing templates permits you to customize each project, and also ensure that your projects are under your hands.

Furthermore, you can organize each board within the features of your project and control profiles with ease. Private boards allow you to have the option of making adjustments and keeping your private information secure.


The cost to purchase the Business Plan is $20. It includes all of the tools in this program for groups. In addition, there are many high-quality tools that can help improve the quality of your meetings and conferences to enable collaboration among teams better. Miro Smart Meetings give you control of what the participants have access to during the conference. Furthermore, you’re capable of giving participants the tools they require with the incorporation of templates.


Enterprise pricing integrates applications based on SIEM in addition to data administration and central control of accounts. This also accommodates the needs of large-scale businesses since it allows you to manage your licenses and enjoy the flexibility offered by the licensing system. Furthermore, you’ll also be able to use DevOps as well as CA Rally integrations too. The prices of this service are determined by the number of participants who are joining the service, with the minimum requirement of users at fifty.

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