Purpose & Benefits of Using Device for Anxiety: How it Works?

Stress, tension, and anxiety – these terms sound common superficially, but underneath only an undergoing person can relate to how it feels to be drained and freaked out due to any severe stress.

The problem is, anxiety can hit hard and can result in causing breathing issues. For this purpose, the majority of people use the device for anxiety. Many people worry about symptom affecting their breathing, which often occurs due to physical issues. Likewise, experiencing shortness of breath for any reasons may also create anxiety.

Do you know how anxiety causes shortness of breath? Simple, as anxiety is the reaction of the body’s response to any sudden news, mishap, or critical situation, so shortness of breath is one of those responses. People might feel like they can’t catch their breath, feel tightness in their chest, or feel suffocating, and thus crave for fresh air.

Studies and other trusted sources reveals that a strong association between anxiety and respiratory symptoms mainly includes shortness of breath. The other symptoms that can occur during this response, and perhapsbecause of anxiety include;

  • Chest tightness
  • Muscle tension
  • Faster breathing (hyperventilation)
  • Breathlessness or a feeling of suffocation
  • Feeling like you lump in your throat

Can this breathlessness be handled with anxiety breathing devices?Below is the answer;

Purpose of Using Breathing Device for Anxiety

One of the purposes of using a breathing Device for anxiety is to improve breathing quality. It must be noted that a breathing biofeedback device cannot be used to treat anxiety or panic attacks alone. It must also address other anxiety disorders that might be present in the patient.

The Anxiety calming device is useful for people to help them cope with stressful situations. It can also help those suffering from panic attacks learn self-regulation of breathing. Most people who experience anxiety have a habit of taking shallow, rapid breaths from their chests, which disrupt the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body. These breaths can increase the heart rate and cause dizziness, further aggravating anxiety symptoms.

What is the best example? A breathing cushion is one such device. It simulates the sensation of breathing by mechanically simulating it. Researchers have found preliminary evidence that it may reduce anxiety and panic attacks in individuals.

Alice Haynes of the University of Bristol presented her findings in the “PLOS ONE journal” on March 9, 2022. Other treatments for anxiety disorders include medication and therapy. However, some medications can cause side effects that affect a person’s health. This new at-home device might be a great addition to these treatments and could temporarily help those suffering from anxiety.

Benefits of using Device for anxiety

A recent study suggests that EMIs have the potential to improve the treatment of anxiety and Natural stress. However, only a handful of high-quality trials have been conducted, and further research is needed to confirm the efficacy of EMIs for anxiety. However, results from one of these trials indicate that the EMI had a marginal effect on generalized anxiety and stress compared to a control group but mixed results for panic and social phobia.

One systematic review identified nine randomized controlled trials that confirms the effect of smartphone-based psychological interventions on anxiety symptoms. Results reveal that interventions reduced anxiety symptoms more swiftly, and also used as an adjunct to anti-anxiety medications. However, future research should focus on comparing the effectiveness of smartphone-based interventions to standard face-to-face psychological care.

Researchers conducted meta-analyses using the Comprehensive Meta-Analysis 2.0 software. To control for heterogeneity among studies, they used a DerSimonian-Laird random-effects model. They pooled the total anxiety measure of participants in the smartphone intervention and control groups.

They used this measure to calculate a standardized change score in anxiety in both groups. This change score has 95% confidence intervals.

Is there Hand Held Device for Anxiety That Could Help in Panic Attacks?

Breathe 5 Device is very helpful for getting anxiety under control. Controlling short breaths becomes hard for people to regain control while battling anxiety. Therefore, the Breath 5 device helps control anxiety by regulating breathing patterns.

The breathing process is crucial for life, as it helps the blood cells receive oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Children also suffer anxiety attacks, which burden their little lives.

Breath 5 makes life easy in just 5 steps;

  • Exhale with Breathe for 5 seconds
  • Hold breath for 5 seconds
  • Inhale with Breathe 5 for 5 seconds
  • Then repeat these steps 3 times

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