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Twitter qa Joanna Onezero is a strange lady of shade who utilizes her voice to increment underestimated voices. In this blog article, she uncovers her experience as a QA analyzer and the manners in which it has impacted her work.

Who is Joanna OneZero?

Joanna OneZero is a strange lady of variety who is energetic about women’s liberation as well as civil rights. She’s worked in client support advertising, client support, and net improvement. She is presently filling in as a substance planner at a tech organization. Joanna is likewise a worker with various associations that help minimized networks.

What does one zero mean?

Twitter client Joanna OneZero is a strange lady who utilizes the hashtag #AQA to discuss her scholastics as an underestimated person by means of informal organizations. The meeting wherein she talks about what the significance of one zero is to her, as well as how they’ve assisted her with developing personally,

A Queer Femme of Color

Joanna OneZero is a strange lady of shade who has been composing a blog since the year 2009. The blog examines issues that are significant in her life as a strange female of shade as well as a functioning individual from the LGBTQIA+ people group. Joanna is likewise a supporter of different websites, including Everyday Feminism, wherein she expounds on interconnected woman’s rights and the way that it concerns her examination as an eccentric female of shade.

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