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Looking for a furniture shipping service? You may also be asking yourself “how to ship furniture to another state?” Don’t worry! The Shipit4us marketplace will be a big benefit to you when shipping or long-distance relocating practically any form of furniture. Our service provider will work with you to develop a plan for the shipment of your furniture that is customized to meet your unique needs, and they will oversee the entire procedure from pickup to delivery.

Transporting/Shipping Furniture

There is no one size fits all method for transporting furniture. mostly because there are so many various furniture types, each with unique shapes, sizes, styles, weights, materials, and construction. This means that depending on the item, a varied scenario for packaging and shipping is optimal. Nevertheless, there are several things you can do to increase the success of your shipment, regardless of whether you need to ship a single piece of furniture or an entire home or store.

How to send furniture in the right way 

Whether you’re sending your own personal belongings or goods you sold on an online marketplace to another state or nation, you need to pack them carefully to ensure their safety during transit. Follow these detailed packing tips to help save lamps, lone chairs, tiny carpets, end or side tables, and ottomans.

  • Select the appropriate furniture box 

Given that shipping costs might depend on both size and weight, a box that is excessively big will cost extra to send. A box that is too tiny won’t provide enough space for suitable padding and cushioning. Wrap the furniture first, then select the appropriate box size. Then, after taking those measurements, add 3 to 5 inches to each dimension to account for padding. If the item contains removable parts, you can, if necessary, ship them separately.

  • Safeguard the entire piece of furniture. 

Furniture should typically be disassembled as much as possible before shipping. Take the lamp shades off of the lamps and the table legs off of the tables, for instance, and wrap them separately. Wrap arms and legs with foam cushioning or bubble wrap if you can’t remove them. Pay close attention to the edges and corners and apply more foam padding there. Place knobs, screws, and other hardware inside the container in a tiny sealable bag.

  • PACK

In the box, make sure the piece is securely fastened. Make sure the padding and furniture are tightly packed in the box using packing peanuts or other cushioning items to prevent movement while being transported.

  • SEAL

Apply at least three strips of packing tape using the H tape method (at least 2″ wide). Apply this to the box’s top and bottom. Next, tape all flaps and seams. To enhance the chance that the furniture box will be transported correctly oriented, place your shipping label on top of the box.

You should do this: 

  1. Clean and organize your furniture
  2. Take photos of your furniture so you can compare after the shipping process
  3. Measure size and weight 
  4. Disassemble 
  5. Find a service provider with Shipit4us!
  6. Communicate with your provider

How to move furniture: Dos and Don’ts 

When you take the furniture off of the truck, it can be difficult to place it in the proper area. Not only do you want to protect your furniture, but you also don’t want to handle it improperly and damage your walls or flooring.

To move furniture safely for you and your house, abide by these straightforward dos and don’ts: 

  • Take your time and chill. Do not rush anything. 
  • Choose the best path to take to get where you’re going. Plan ahead 
  • You must always hold the furniture firmly in your hands. 
  • To move stuff more quickly, don’t be scared to utilize furniture sliders and moving straps. 
  • Measure your item 
  • Movements caused by pushing objects into the flooring can cause damage.

Best method for moving furniture 

LTL (less-than-truckload) Service 

It is the least expensive option for shipping furniture. The best way to move furniture depends mainly on the piece. LTL Freight service, which requires you to pack in a box or make it palletized to the products, can be used if you just have small items to ship.

White Glove

For larger or more expensive things, white-glove service is the ideal solution. An additional layer of security is provided by white glove shipment. For protection and security, you must cover those valuables in blankets. 

If you use Shipit4us to find furniture shipments, you can acquire quotes from these two businesses in one location.

Which Furniture Types Can Shipit4us Transport? 

You may ship anything with shipit4us, and you can choose a reputable moving shipment company who can genuinely assist you with all of your furniture.

  1. Dining and kitchen furniture 

All of your kitchen and dining room furniture, including dining chairs, bar utensils, cupboards, and dining tables, can be moved by our team. 

  1. Living Room furnishings 

Furniture includes sofas and chairs, coffee and end tables, tv stands, accent chairs, and bookshelves. 

  1. Bedroom accessories 

mattresses, bed frames, nightstands, bedside tables, bedroom benches, vanities, and garment racks 

  1. Patio furnishings 

Tables, patio sets, porch swings, outdoor cushions, hammocks, and outdoor cushions


Find the best shipping option by comparing furniture shipping quotes and speeds available. Shipit4us will help you with that! 

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