The best crypto exchanges for exchanging rare coins

Investing in cryptocurrencies requires a strategy, and a strategy is not complete without asset diversification. There are several types of collected balanced cryptocurrency portfolio. One of them is based on the risk profile.

Types of cryptocurrency portfolios by risk profile

Under the investor’s risk exposure profile. According to this indicator, portfolios are conditionally included in conservative, moderate and aggressive portfolios.

The conservative portfolio consists of the most capitalized coins. This is a good solution for long-term investment. If your plans do not include the immediate conversion of 0.05 BNB to USD on the very first chip of the market, you can safely go this way.

In a moderate portfolio, top coins are usually paired with mid-cap assets. The optimal ratio is 2:1 with a margin when using more stable assets.

In an aggressive portfolio, the balance with relatively stable and medium-risk digital assets is also represented by high-risk ones. These can be rare or new coins, as well as meme-coins. Aggressive strategies require short-term, maximum – medium-term investment.

Where to buy rare coins

The easiest, most convenient and safest way to buy any digital coins is to buy them on a cryptocurrency exchange. The number of cryptocurrency projects has already exceeded 20,000. Solid exchanges value their reputation and play the role of a kind of filter, cutting off dubious projects. Of course, the ISO or the listing of the coin on the exchange does not give a 100% guarantee that the project will necessarily be discovered and profitable. However, such actions give grounds to consider active worthy of attention.

The best exchanges to buy rare coins

Now there are several hundred cryptocurrency exchanges in the network. They greatly affect the number of available coins, the impact of turnover and other parameters. The most dangerous are places where little-known assets are discovered.


The KuCoin platform came in 2017. It is in the TOP-5 exchanges in terms of trading volume and leads in terms of the number of coins presented. 863 coins are available for trading. In addition, the cryptocurrency platform supports more than 40 fiat currencies.

Clients have access to spot and margin trading, staking, lending, derivatives transactions, investing and P2P exchange. The platform has a completely native KCS token. KCS holders receive discounts for performing operations on the platform, as well as a partial distribution of daily profits.

Verification for trading on the platform is not yet required.


In terms of daily trading volume, Huobi surpasses KuCoin, but is somewhat inferior to it in terms of the number of coins and tokens. In total, the platform received about 650 digital and about 20 fiat currencies. In addition to margin and spot trading among teenagers, swaps, options, staking, futures contracts and a mining pool.

The exchange has some territorial restrictions. Account verification is optional.


This exchange has been operating since 2014. It entered the market with advanced functionality for traders and a high level of protection. It was a chance to gain a competitive edge during that time.

There are more than 500 coins and tokens on the exchange. On the platform of the algorithm, spot and margin trading, futures contracts, average DeFi assets and the purchase of cryptocurrencies for fiat. Converting 0.016 ETH to USD and getting a card is not a problem.

Account verification is required.


The listing of a coin on Binance is a very important event for the development of a crypto project. Now the popular crypto exchange supports a little more than 500 coins and tokens. This is not the highest figure, but in terms of the number of important pairs, Binance is the undisputed leader.

In addition to spot and margin trading among women, exchanges are reduced to operations with futures, options, farming, lending, and crypto lending.

To use some territorial restrictions. Account verification is required.


The purchase of rare coins can be simplified if you use the LetsExchange cryptocurrency fast trading service. The service supports about 700 coins, available without registration and verification of accounting records.

To buy the asset you need, just fill out the widget, fill out the deposit and confirm the application. The Smart Rat search system automatically scans all available networks and provides information that is beneficial from them.


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