Top 8 Companies Offering Bakery Services in Australia

Australia is a country with a thriving bakery industry. Although the market is competitive, you’ll find many superb companies offering Australian bakery services. Each company is renowned for something different, so it’s important to do some research before choosing one. 

Read reviews and compare prices to find the perfect bakery for your needs. With so many great options available, you’re sure to find one that satisfies your sweet tooth from the following:

The Country Chef Bakery Company

This Queensland bakery company, founded in 1952, is where you’ll find Australia’s favourite desserts, like banana bread and pavlovas. 

Combining tradition and technical know-how with modern, on-trend ingredients, The Country Chef Bakery Company is an expert in making family favourite bread and desserts to delight the taste bud and nourish the body. 

This 100% family-owned Australian business grew from the love for sharing desserts with friends and family and has since become a household name in Australia.

Patties Food

Initially called Patties Bakeries, this establishment was named after Patty Neat, the owner’s wife. The bakery was later sold to Dutch immigrants who introduced bread rolls and pies. 

Patties Bakeries’ meat pies is a household name in Australia, and the bakery company has grown to become the largest meat pie producer in Australia and beyond.

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses

This family-owned bakery headquartered in Melbourne is an amalgamation of two former cake bakers, namely Plarre’s Cakes and Fergusons Cakes.

Plarre’s Cake bought Fergusons’ Cakes in 2012 and has since managed it. The company’s selling tagline is “no early-morning baking”, considering the company makes fresh deliveries daily.


Inspired by Breadtalk, a Singapore-based establishment, the Breadtop bakery was founded by Kenneth and Simon Ip in 2002. This brand has, over time, expanded to 70 stores across Australia. 

Whether you’re looking for a festival cake or a good old cheese cake, Breadtop has everything you need to satisfy your sweet tooth. Their outlets are in various major cities like Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, etcetera.

A baker inspecting pastries at a top baked delights shop

Brumby’s Bakery

Co-founded by Roger Gillespie, Brumby’s Bakery was nicknamed the Old Style Bread Centre in 1975 during its first opening in Ashburton, Australia. 

The Australian bakery became the famous Brumby brand and has recently joined the Retail Food Group, a public company that also owns Michel’s Patisserie, Donut King, and Gloria Jeans.

Mrs Fields Bakery

Launched in 1977, Mrs Field Bakery was originally an American brand in Palo Alto, California. Over time, it became a prominent retailer of soft-based specialty cookies. 

Mrs Fields Bakery is owned by Cookies Australia Pty Limited with many independently owned franchises. The brand has more than 800 franchises in 25 countries, offering Australian bakery services.

Crust Bakery and Patisserie 

This commercial bakery on Sunshine Coast offers various pies, cakes, and bread. With six stores across Sunshine Coast, their Kunda Park commercial kitchen bakes more than 500 loaves of bread and pies daily. 

Crust Bakery and Patisserie is home to different cakes and slices, all preservative-free and made with quality ingredients from scratch.

Goldstein’s Bake Shop

As a family-run business established by Paula and Julius Goldstein, who migrated from Germany to Australia, The Goldsteins Bakery became popular due to its European baking style.  

Formerly called “The Busy Bee”, Goldstein Bake Shop follows its model of a centralised bakery while delivering Australian bakery services across the continent.


If you have a sweet tooth, Australia is the perfect place since you’ll find many companies offering bakery services. Whether you want bread, caramel slice, or pavlovas – you can find a company in Australia that sells these pastries simply by typing commercial bakeries near me.

To help you choose the right one, we’ve compiled a list of bakeries in Australia. So go ahead and pick a company that caters to your taste buds

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