Top Pet Spots In Richmond, Virginia

The city of Richmond in the state of Virginia is not just famous for its diverse culture, breathtaking natural sceneries, and good food, but it also features plenty of pet facilities. Most of these facilities also operate via online apps and websites, which means that you can conveniently browse for places like pet supplies stores, pet hotels, grooming salons, and pet-friendly restaurants, and even find vets in Richmond through your computer or smartphone. It’s definitely one of those places where you can have the confidence that all your pets’ needs will be accommodated and is well within your reach. This renders Richmond one of the best places to raise pets. In this article, we will look at the top pet spots in the city of Richmond that you should consider when taking care of your pets.


If you are even a little bit engaged in animal or pet care, you may have already come across the company Petco. Petco is a world-famous pet health and wellness company that offers a huge variety of pet supplies, pet food, and other pet products. It’s one of those brands that we automatically turn to due to its reputation and great selection. You can think of it as Walmart for pets, so to speak. In Richmond, Petco is located within Carytown Place, which is a small shopping mall located at 10 N Nansemond Street between Floyd and Ellwood Avenue. Apart from offering a great selection of pet supplies, this Petco branch also offers in-house grooming, which adds to your convenience.

Dog Krazy, Inc.

Located just a few blocks away from Petco, Dog Krazy, Inc. is one of Richmond’s top spots for pet supplies. At the store, you’ll find plenty of options for pet chew toys, pet-themed party cakes, and pet treats. Apart from this, they offer a slew of pet services, such as First Puppy Bath, Blueberry Facial, Painted Nails, and Ear, Paw & Tail Color. Of course, essential services like dog grooming and doggy daycare are also available. Finally, although this place is mainly targeted at dogs, they also offer cat services, including brush-outs and haircuts.

Dogma Grooming + Pet Needs

As the name suggests, Dogma specializes in grooming services for dogs and cats. The store boasts plenty of awards, with constant inclusions in lists for Best Dog Groomer, Best Locally-Owned Pet Store, Best Pet Boutique in Central Virginia, and Best Pet-Centric Store award. This makes Dogma one of the top choices for pet grooming spots not only in Richmond but even in the entire state of Virginia. Apart from exceptional grooming services, they also offer nutritional products for pets. Their products include dry, canned, and froze pet food, treats, and pet supplements.

Prevent A Litter Veterinary Hospital

This next spot on our list is founded on the mission to help minimize the number of stray dogs and cats on the streets of Virginia. They are focused on controlling the animal population in the area, and they do this through various services such as rehoming, spaying, and neutering. Their spaying and neutering services are offered for dogs, cats as well as rabbits. On top of that, they also function as a veterinary hospital, which means that they cater surgeries, clinical check-ups, vaccination, as well as tick and flea medication and prevention.

Virginia Veterinary Centers

The final item on our list is a veterinary facility aimed at comprehensive specialty and emergency animal care. Virginia Veterinary Center focuses on treating pets who need urgent care, especially those with extreme diseases and injuries. They also offer emergency services for pets, with their emergency team on constant stand-by for overnight, weekend, and even holiday emergencies. In preparing for your pet’s wellness and safety, you can also choose to register with them so as to allow for faster response times and diagnosis.

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