A perfect website to watch Malayalam movies for free

Have you developed an interest in watching Malayalam movies in recent days? If yes, there is a website available on the internet named, which is an excellent website to watch Malayalam movies. Even more, the movies have a realistic storyline; hence people of any age can enjoy the movies throughout. In addition, the movies revolve around different genres. You can pick any movie or show and start watching it.

Furthermore, there are other websites too that allow you to watch Malayalam movies and tv serials, but is the best one so far as it helps the viewers to enjoy the shows thoroughly.

Also, if you have been looking for your favorite tv show or movie you can’t find somewhere else, you will find it on The availability of all genres of movies and shows is guaranteed on because it is designed explicitly for Malayalam viewers. Malayalam movie viewers are more likely to access the website and watch only Malayalam movies.

Also, Malayalam movies depict Indian culture to a great extent. This helps people living abroad who have Indian forefathers but have grown up to understand the culture more.

Watching Malayalam movies helps you understand Indian culture well. If one wants to explore Indian culture, one can watch Malayalam movies to understand things better.


You can get in-depth knowledge by understanding the features of in detail. Every movie streaming website is incomplete without features. Here we will discuss some of the features of that will help you understand the website in a better way. Additionally, these features will help you explore the website to the fullest. Let’s have a look at the features below:

  • Free to watch

The movies listed on are incredibly free. You read it right, as you don’t need to pay for the movies you watch. Also, it doesn’t matter how many movies you watch per day, and all are free to watch. Not only movies, but you can also watch your favorite Malayalam TV series episode-wise.

However, watching free movies on is the best thing about the website because to watch your favorite movies, you only need a stable internet connection, and that’s all.

Also, these days no website offers you to watch movies for free, but does. It ensures a  safe watching environment, and you can easily search for the movies or shows you want to watch. One must feel lucky if they have got such an opportunity to watch their favorite shows and movies online, and that too for free.

  • No ads

Another realistic factor distinguishing from other streaming websites is that it lets you watch your favorite movies without experiencing any ads. Yes, you will see no advertisement for the whole 3 hours of movies or more. It is because the website is designed that way to prevent ads while you watch your favorite serials or movies.

Ads sometimes become so irritating that people stop watching the movies and prefer to download them first before watching, so there are no ads to show. But ensures a no-ad version where you can watch unlimited movies without worrying about irritating ads.

Also, one more notable thing about the ads during the movies is that they waste a couple of minutes of your movie time while distracting you on the other hand. Distraction makes you lose interest in the movie, and you don’t have the same motivation left to continue the movie. So one must be thankful to the website

  • High resolution

Another great thing about is it ensures high-resolution movies to its viewers. Malayalam movie viewers from all across the world can enjoy high-quality movies. All tv shows and movies have an option that one can select as per their preference. There are different settings for the resolution of the movies. You can choose one without any difficulty.

The advantage of watching high-resolution movies is that you can view every scene. Also, high-resolution movies are easy to understand. Once you know the movie, it will become easier to depict the lesson you get from a particular movie or tv show.

Also, high-resolution movies watching experience can only be attained if you have a stable internet connection. If you have a weak internet system, you will not be able to watch movies in high resolution.

  • No subscription fee

The remarkable fact about is that you must pay no subscription fee. Yes, that is correct information because there are other websites available on the internet that charge you a subscription fee that only a few viewers can afford. is a versatile streaming website that is free to explore. Also, not only a single category of movie or tv show is free to watch, but you can watch all category movies without investing a single penny. It is just that you need to grab your popcorn and select a comfortable corner of your house, open your favorite movie and start watching it.

You can save a few bucks if you watch your favorite shows on However, is a popular service in India’s Kerala region. The advantage of watching Malayalam movies for Indian viewers is that they can understand the culture in a better way.

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  • Less buffering time

If you want to save your time before watching a movie, you must choose because it is the only platform that requires less buffering time. Your favorite movie is only a single click away. Furthermore, less buffering time lets you enjoy the movie to the fullest. The advantage of less buffering time is that as soon as you play a movie, you get a chance to watch it instantly. The movie doesn’t take extra time to buffer.

Hence, you can also save a few minutes before you play your movies. Also, during the movies, it does not buffer. You must have a strong internet connection, so there is no interruption throughout the movie-watching experience.

Buffering time is vital and saves your time if it is low. If there is an increased buffering time, it means there are a few minutes that will be wasted. But here on, you will save your precious time as the only time you will utilize will be your movie-watching time.

  • Easy to use

The remarkable thing about the website is that it is easy to use. You can open the browser from your PC and the website, and you will see a list of movies and TV shows. The website is easy to use, and you can quickly locate the movie. Also, you can search for any movie by writing the full movie name in the search bar.

Once you have written the movie name, you will instantly see a drop-down menu, and your desired movies appear in front of you. You can choose the desired resolution and watch the movie.

You can watch unlimited movies for free. The movies are easily accessible with only a single click. You can click on your favorite movies, and they will start playing.

The website is simple to use; anyone can open it and explore its features. Furthermore, the easy-to-use feature makes things simple for you.

  • Watch blockbuster movies

Malayalam movies have a wide range of blockbuster movies. The movies have an incredible storyline that appeals to the viewers. Moreover, the realistic storyline grabs the viewers’ attention, and they watch the movies with complete concentration.

In addition, you can now watch hit movies for free. You don’t have to go to the cinema to watch your favorite movies as you can enjoy one from the comfort of your living room.

Also, if you have a bigger screen, you will enjoy your favorite shows more. The bigger screen lets you thoroughly enjoy the movie. In addition, if you watch the same blockbuster movies in the cinemas, the ticket may charge you an arm and a leg. Hence, it will drain your wallet. So if you have a free option available, why not utilize it rather than paying a hefty amount for a single ticket?

Conclusion is a dynamic platform that enables viewers to watch Malayalam movies. There are various movie categories on the website, and it is only that you have to explore all kinds. Moreover, the website is free to explore and watch Malayalam movies and tv shows. In addition, no other movie streaming website offers you a free video watch. Hence, you have this fantastic opportunity to watch free shows and movies without paying anything.

Also, the movie quality is never compromised. The high resolution lets you wholly enjoy the movies. Also, you can select the resolution as per your needs. If you have a good internet connection, you can surely watch high-resolution movies. Besides, the Malayalam movies let you explore India’s diverse culture.

Also, you can watch blockbuster movies from the comfort of your house.

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