What are the Amazon Product Label Requirements?

To sell Amazon products, you must understand their product labels’ requirements. Labeling your products should be simple and not misleading to the buyer. Barcodes on your label and GC symbols or logos are required. In addition, you are responsible for ensuring that all ingredients are correctly labeled and certified by an approved third party such as NSF International.

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Things you must know about the Amazon product label requirements.

If you are selling Amazon products, then you must know the Amazon product label requirements. Full service amazon management also help sellers increase their sales.

  • Labels must include a barcode.
  • GC symbols or logos should also be included on the label.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that all product ingredients are correctly labeled and certified. Before being sold, they must first be tested independently on Amazon.

Your ingredients should be listed in descending order of predominance (from highest to lowest). For example: Pepperoni slice(s), mozzarella cheese slice(s), tomato sauce(s).

Step-by-Step guide for product labelling

Understanding that labeling your product should be superficial and not misleading to the buyer is essential.

Labeling Requirements: The label must contain all necessary information on identifying your product during a purchase at retail locations (e.g., manufacturer’s name, address, phone number). This includes primary and extended explanations for sale points such as expiration date, best before date, etc. In addition, it should also include any additional instructions for use or storage conditions that may differ from those stated on packer labels (e.g., ‘keep refrigerated between -18°C/-0°C).’

The labels must include a barcode.

Barcodes are a requirement for all products. They should be placed in the bottom right corner of your label and large enough to be read by a scanner.

The barcode should be GS1-128 (or ESAPI/AIM), which is one of many standards used for product labels.

GC symbols or logos should also be included on the label.

  • Gluten-free label
  • Gluten-free logo
  • Gluten-free symbol

All ingredients in your products are appropriately labeled and certified.

You are responsible for ensuring that all product ingredients are appropriately labeled and certified. In addition, you must follow all of the regulations that apply to your product. The Amazon Product Label Requirements include:

  • You must not use any ingredients that are banned or restricted by law or safety standards imposed by regulatory organizations like the FDA (Food & Drug Administration). This includes substances such as lead, mercury, and arsenic; carcinogenic compounds like benzene; pesticides; herbicides; heavy metals such as cadmium and copper, etc.; dyes used for coloring purposes like tartrazine which may cause allergic reactions in some people.

Minimum and Maximum Label Size

The minimum size of the label is 2mm x 1mm. The maximum size of the label is 20mm x 10mm. The total length of the label can be exceeded if it meets requirements for legibility and durability.

Label Formatting

The product label must be a square, which must be formatted following the applicable rules and regulations set forth by Amazon. The title should be printed on high-quality paper using a printer that can handle inkjet printing. The label’s text should not exceed 72 characters per line (including spaces). The text should be in black or white font, and either customized or generic text may be used for all labels. There are no specific requirements for fonts, but if you use custom fonts, you must ensure that they meet our needs for legibility and durability.

Color requirements for an Amazon product label

The label must be applied in a contrasting color to the background of the package. The color should be bright and clean, with no background pattern or border. For example, red text on the white or blue text on yellow is not acceptable.

The label should be printed using a spot of clear, permanent, and water-resistant ink. This can be achieved by printing on matte card stock (such as Avery 32-lb) with a laser printer.

The text must be in Helvetica or Arial font. You can use these fonts without restrictions when creating your Amazon product label.

Your ingredients should be listed in descending order of predominance.

The ingredients listed on your labels should be in descending order of predominance. This means that the first ingredient on your list is more important than any other ingredient on the label, and so on down through each line item.

For example: If you are making a product with strawberry jam and vanilla extract as its main ingredients, then strawberry jam should come before or at least very close to vanilla extract in numerical order (rather than vice versa). If there was nothing else to do but choose between these two items as they are labeled together today—which one would go first? It would be obvious which was the more prominent ingredient because they’re both listed under one heading; therefore, it would make sense to put them side by side so consumers could easily see their relative importance within this entire list when choosing which product best fits their needs! In this case, which order would better reflect how important each component is?

You should also add a disclaimer if you are selling gluten-free products.

If you are selling gluten-free products, it’s essential to label them as such.

The FDA has strict requirements for labeling gluten-free foods. These include:

  • A warning is that consumption of this product can cause severe or fatal health problems, including “liver damage” and “brain damage.”
  • A list of ingredients in the product that contain wheat, rye, or barley flours or ingredients derived from these grains (e.g., malt flavoring).

Why it is essential to follow the label requirements

If you want your products to sell well on Amazon, you must adhere to the Amazon listing optimization service so that your products can fit into the marketplace seamlessly.

If a customer buys a product from an online retailer and resells it at another online retailer, they may violate federal law. For instance: if someone buys an item from Walmart but then ships it back to Amazon for a re-payment because they didn’t like it (or maybe even if they just wanted some extra cash), this could potentially violate laws regarding resale pricing or counterfeit goods being sold as originals by unscrupulous sellers who seek out buyers who don’t know better.

What is the Purpose of a Product Label?

The major purpose of a product label is to identify the product, its function, and its safety. The label must also be easy to read and understand at first glance.

The placement of the label on the product is also essential. It should be put at the very top or base of the product, depending on where it will be most visible when people shop at home or in stores.

Product labels can come in many shapes and sizes, depending on their purpose. For example, some are used for disposable products, such as plastic bags or paper towels, that do not need to be washed after use. Others are used for durable products such as cereal boxes or clothing items that may need washing after use but can still be reused repeatedly by attaching them with solid adhesive tape (such as duct tape).


The Amazon listing optimization service is the key to increasing your product sales. However, Amazon product label requirements are elementary. The main requirement is to ensure you have all the information on your product label. You should also be clear about the features, benefits, and uses of Amazon. This can make your product sell faster.

The additional consideration to consider while designing the Amazon product label is that it has to be legible and easily read by customers. They should not have issues reading your labels since they are small text with ample space.

The last thing you must remember while designing your Amazon product label is that it should be free from grammatical errors to avoid confusion among potential buyers.

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