What are the things you should know before ordering a prefab garage?

Garages are sacred spaces for car lovers, motorcycle enthusiasts, and those who share a passion for mechanical work. Workshops do more than just store your vehicles; they are also spaces where you unwind, relax, and pursue your hobby.

And that is why it’s crucial to have a robust and damage-resistant structure that fulfills its intended purpose efficiently. While you can choose to have a garage built on-site, the costs and time involved are significant.

The best alternative is a prefab garage a pre-engineered steel structure designed according to your specifications and requirements. It is created in a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant under unique conditions.

The company delivers the standard and optional components in a building kit that is easy to assemble. Instead of hiring tradespeople or professionals, you can construct the building by yourself by following the detailed assembly instructions.

If you are interested in these handy types of structures and want to order one, these are some things you should know first.

What does the kit consist of?

It will contain all the components you require for setting up the structure. You can assemble them without heavy equipment, cranes or special tools.

Framing system

Inside the kit, you will find a hot galvanized steel frame that prevents rust and delivers top performance. The primary and secondary framing parts are zinc-coated, providing excellent corrosion resistance.

The secondary framing components include girts, purlins, eaves strut, door header, door jams, end-wall girt, and rafter.

Roof panels

The Purlin Bearing Rib (PBR) roof panels are usually made from 26 gauge high-tensile steel with a corrugation depth between 1 to 1.4 inches. Like the frames, the panels are zinc coated, making them resistant to rust and requiring very little maintenance. They maintain their natural shine even without regular painting.

Sidewall panels

You will receive sidewall panels that are continuous from floor to eave. Made from 26 gauge steel, they incur minimum damage. You can choose from various color options like a siliconized polyester finish with a substrate galvanized coating for better protection.

The optional panel accessories you can choose from are fixed or operable wall louvers, service doors, and framed openings for doors and windows.

Why is steel the top choice for garages?

Here are some reasons steel is the top choice for garages and workshops.

Resistant to fire and corrosion

You will use your garage to store your vehicles and other expensive machinery. Naturally, safety is the uppermost priority. Steel offers the best protection against damage because it is resistant to fire, corrosion, and rust, unlike other materials like wood.

Highly customizable

Using steel allows customization since you can ask the company to design it according to your requirements. You can increase its size or change its layout if you want to in the future.

Costs less money

Recycled steel costs less money compared to other materials. The pre-manufacturing process also reduces the water material, decreasing the overall costs. The maintenance costs are also less since it hardly incurs any damage.

Combines functionality with aesthetics

You can use it to store vehicles, motorbikes, general items, heavy equipment, and construction-related items. Besides being highly functional, a steel structure looks appealing, sturdy, and compact.

Things to check before ordering

Before placing your order, you must ask the company about the warranties on the roof panels, paint, capped fasteners, and other components. A good company will offer you at least a 25-year guarantee on boards and 40 years warranty on coatings on sidewalls and trim.

It is also advisable to ask if the buildings meet the code requirements. Once the company delivers the kit, who is responsible for offloading? What happens if you receive something in a damaged condition?

You should consider choosing a prefab garage because of its several benefits, including efficiency, resistance to rust, corrosion, heat, aesthetics and low maintenance.

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