Why is Freelance Work Proving So Popular in 2023?

Many people find that they want a career that is not limited to a rigid 9-5 regime. It can be difficult to plan your personal life and deal with home commitments when you need to be present at a desk in an office from Monday to Friday. As such, a growing number of employees find that switching from contracted work to a freelance form of employment is immensely beneficial and can help them gain greater control over their work/life balance. This article explains some of the main reasons why freelance work is becoming more popular. There is also a discussion on how freelance work can benefit people who enjoy driving and want to incorporate it into their careers.

Control your working week


One of the main reasons why people choose freelance work is the flexibility it gives them in their working week. There is a wide range of freelance positions that can suit people from a number of backgrounds and skill sets, but they all share the same benefit of being able to choose the tasks to accept and the days you are available to work. For example, if you have personal commitments on a Monday, you can inform the company that you are unavailable for work that day or do not accept any of the work if it is placed on an online job board for freelance workers. Many freelance workers enjoy working outside normal office hours, for example, on evenings or weekends, and if the freelance work has a deadline set, it may be possible to work to the hours you want to complete it on time. In short, freelance working empowers freelancers to have much greater control over when they work and allows them to plan their personal activities around the job.

Appeals to drivers


One part of the freelance industry that is experiencing growth is freelance driving work. If you have a love of the open road and have access to a truck or van, it can be beneficial to seek work from a shipping firm. A wide variety of shipping work and jobs for shippers are commonly posted on job boards by the shipping company. The freelancer simply has to consider the routes and loads requested to be transported and decide if the job is suitable before bidding on it with a quoted price for the client. If successful, the job will be accepted, and the driver can complete the shipment. Many people find this line of work to be both appealing to their lifestyle and can generate a considerable income as their main source of earnings.

Be your own boss

A recent study found that a massive one in five people who work directly for an employer hated their boss or line manager. This can be due to a clash of personalities or a perception by the employee that they are treated unfairly by their boss. This is why many people find that freelancing is a far more satisfying way of working. The freelance worker simply needs to complete the tasks that they have accepted to an agreed timeframe and standard. Most freelance jobs require little interaction with management and can often be completed from a remote setting. This type of work is ideally suited to people who have well-developed organizational and time management skills while being able to work with minimal supervision. In essence, you can be your own boss and approach the tasks and working schedule in a way that suits you.

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